The best marriage proposal
The best marriage proposal
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The best marriage proposal

Nothing is more romantic than a  marriage  proposal. Still it has to be successful … Candlelight dinner or direct request on television, there is something for everyone. The key is that your half say yes!

Prior to his marriage proposal, a common question: is this the right time? But if there is one area that deserves no comparison it is that of love. So you can start when you want it provided you are sure (e) of you and your feelings.

Betrothal and marriage

marriage proposal Often there is confusion between betrothal and marriage. However, requests engagement do not exist! The engagement is actually the result of a marriage and represent a statement of intent of the union. Namely, there is no document or official steps to be taken, the engagement is not a sacrament of the Church, nor an institution for the state. According to tradition, they are organized about a year before the wedding in the parents of the girl after announcing families the wedding plans.

If today engagements are celebrated less and less, however they allow both families to meet and prepare for the wedding. On gifts, the man generally offer an engagement ring (which is worn on the left ring which passes a vein directly connected to the heart, as the future alliance), but the exchange of rings is reserved for the wedding day. If the woman wants to give a gift, it will be rather a watch or cufflinks.

A marriage proposal in the rules of art

We are in the 21st century and the father of the young man no longer asks the father of the “promised” her hand! Yet it remains common for the groom’s father consults his sweetheart, just to put the forms.

As for the knees request with an engagement ring, usually a symbol of purity diamond, it continues to inspire the ladies. The ideal is the statement in the restaurant during a picnic setting, on a gondola in Venice or on a deserted beach …

The craziest marriage proposal

Balloon, on a plane, on live TV … Men do not lack audacity and creativity to declare their love. For the less adventurous, there are now specialized event agencies in the original statements.

The company offers ApoteoSurprise and personalized services as an application in the presence of a magician (290 euros), aboard a limousine (490 euros), the Musee Grevin (1 490 euros) or even in the air … “Then you have lunch in a mansion, an aerobatic patrol will appear in heaven to draw a huge heart in smoke,” the agency website that charges still 15,900 euros this stage to say the least vertiginous.

When the woman is his marriage proposal …

Just to give a blow of brushes traditions, some women ask their Jules in marriage. It’s original, but careful not to force the other because when it comes to plunge, our joint Martian often need time. Patience … with 256,000 marriages celebrated in France in 2009 *, it is likely that soon you are the next to say “YES”!

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