The best period for physical activity?
The best period for physical activity?

The best period for physical activity?


According to the World Health Organization, it is essential to practise physical activity for adults aged between the age group of “18 to 64 years.”

At least 150 minutes of moderate physical activity antenna intensity and distributed throughout the week, or 75 minutes at least from the high-intensity physical activity, and distributed throughout the week, or a combination of moderate workout intensity and high intensity.


The recommended levels of physical activity for health:

Physical activities for adults of this age group: physical recreation or leisure time activities, and mobility (such as walking or cycling), or professional activities include any (work), or household chores, or playing games, or games, or sports or exercise planned as part of the daily activities of the family and the community. And to improve cardiorespiratory fitness and muscular fitness, and reduce the risk of non-communicable diseases and depression, the following are recommended:

Aerobic exercise in bouts of exercise: Each lasting at least 10 minutes.

To reap more health benefits, it should be for adults in this age group increased exercise period antenna physical activity of moderate intensity to 300 minutes per week, or the exercise of 150 minutes of the antenna workout of high intensity every week, or a combination of moderate physical activity intensity and high intensity.

The need for resistance exercise activities (muscle strengthening), which includes major muscle groups for two days or more per week.

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Physical activity for all

These recommendations relate to all healthy adults aged 18-64 years, unless there are medical conditions require otherwise. It applies to all adult male and whatever their origins, ethnicity or income levels female. It also applies to members of this age group of people with non-communicable diseases do not affect the movement, such as high blood pressure or diabetes.

What about physical activity for the disabled and the sick and special cases?

Pregnant women should and maternal and those suffering from heart disease to take extra precautions and seek medical advice before seeking to reach the recommended levels for this age group.

The benefits that accrue to adults of physical activity

There are, on the whole, good evidence that those who engage in physical activity ,compared with those who do not practice it, the following characteristics:

Lower mortality from all causes rates

The incidence rates of coronary heart disease


Brain attack

Type 2 diabetes

Metabolic syndrome

Cancerous colon and breast


Lower likelihood of exposure to the risk of hip fractures or spinal column

High cardiorespiratory fitness and muscular fitness levels

High likelihood of maintaining appropriate weight


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