The cardio training
Cardio training

The cardio training

Practicing cardio  training is putting everything to improve his form since it decreases the same time the risk of coronary heart disease.

Its known  that cardio training  work to rest and delaying the onset of angina. It increases the possibilities of performance and improves quality of life, while protecting  from cardiovascular disease. Conclusion: it significantly increases its life expectancy.

Any healthy person can approach the cardio, surrounding himself with precautions. If it remained inactive people, or over 40 years, to undergo a medical examination is indicated.

Test of cardio training  (Ruffier-Dickson)

Taking your pulse to determine the resting heart rate: the tip of two fingers placed at the base of the thumb wrist with the other hand, count the beats for 15 seconds and multiply by 4 (the average is 60 to 80 / min).

Proceed in the same way after a year like:

Standing, legs apart (the width of the shoulders), do 30 crunches leg in 45 seconds, until the hands touch the floor.

A minute later, while sitting, take his pulse and calculate the index by adding the three digits, subtract 200 and divide by ten. The index 0 to 10 gives a good excellent value, 10 to 15, average, and 15 to 20, low.

You can not pretend to do cardio workout without frequency meter, a “tachometer” which measures the effort, to check intensity and therefore can decrease or increase. To limit being short of oxygen, fuel the effort, it is necessary to gradually accelerate the exercise or  cardio training .

Cardo training Equipment

Bicycles ergometers, steppers, treadmills, seeking the lower buttocks and limbs; oarsmen, who work both the posterior deltoids, biceps, forearms, back, and also glutes, abs and thighs.


All acute infections and diseases (lung, liver, kidney, tumor …), hyperthyroidism, heart failure or damage, high blood pressure, arrhythmia and overweight. People with diabetes should avoid consecutive hypoglycemia during  cardo training and exercise.

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