the causes of low sperm count!
the causes of low sperm count!

the causes of low sperm count!

 See the most common causes of low sperm count and the treatments of infertility  that will help  you to rise sperm count and making able to give birth.

Low sperm count is the main factor and the most common in men fertility problems. Several reasons for the low number of sperm, infertility animals, ranging from aging and smoking, through nutrition, cycling and ending with the radiance of Wi-Fi.

The main cause of male infertility is low sperm census. For others, the reasons for the problems of infertility in men can be A decrease in the movement of sperm, low sperm quality and a decrease in semen. But the most influential factor in the case of low fertility in men is low sperm count, which is measured through semen examination. Treatment of infertility in men as possible through fertility treatment. There are many biological and environmental factors that can lead to low sperm count. Among these factors are:


Find the effect of aging on male fertility is not over yet, but nevertheless, many of evidence to prove that the aging process has caused a low sperm count . Fertility rates among men under the age of 39 up to 60%, while fertility rates in men over this age are a little less than 50%.

Drug use and drinking alcohol

Frequent use of cocaine or marijuana may temporarily reduce the quantity and quality of sperm by about 50%. Sperm has a receptor for certain compounds in marijuana that resemble natural materials so that the link may hurt the ability of sperm motility, and may also inhibit their ability to penetrate the egg.

Nutrition and undernutrition

Some food shortages, such as vitamin C, selenium, zinc, folic acid may be of risk to low sperm count factors.


Some studies have found that there is a relationship between obesity in men and between low sperm count, but this search is not over yet.


There is a relationship between the biking and the problems of impotence in men as well as low sperm census. Bike seat may lead to damage to blood vessels and nerves responsible for erection. Mountain biking, which involves a walk in the rugged areas that offer the perineum (Perineum) shocks and vibrations severe and can even lead to damage to the scrotum.


It proved that genetic factors significantly affect a man’s fertility. It can be inherited genetic diseases that affect fertility. Here are some examples:

Often have a shortage of patients with cystic fibrosis or a blockage in the seminal vesicles (tubes that carry sperm) and thus to have a lower sperm count. Patients with Klinefelter’s syndrome carry chromosomal X and Y chromosome and one (normal situation for men is one of each chromosome). This syndrome leads to the destruction of the lining of the testicles in adulthood, and people with this syndrome do not produce sperm or produce a small amount of semen.


Smoking affects the number of sperm, reduces the life and movement of sperm, and may lead even to the genetic alterations that can affect birth control. In addition, in a study conducted a decade ago, found that male smokers have low sexual desire as they have sex only at spaced intervals.


Environmental Factors

Excessive exposure to chemicals or toxic substances may lead to a decline in sperm census through a direct impact on the functions of the testis or influence hormone levels. Chemicals that affect sperm production in men are: oxygen, free radicals, pesticides (such as DDT, aldrin, PCPs, dioxins and furans), chemicals used to soften plastics and hydrocarbon materials.

Exposure to heavy metals

Chronic exposure to heavy metals such as cadmium, lead or arsenic may affect fertility and lead to reduced sperm production in healthy men. Trace amounts of these metals in the semen may impede the work of an enzyme found in the membrane that covers the head of the sperm.

Radiation treatments

X-ray treatments affect all rapidly dividing cells, and therefore, the sperm are more susceptible to radiation damage. Cells that are exposed more to high levels of radiation can regain full functions only after two years. In severe cases, the activity of sperm production may not return at all.

Wireless-radiation Wi-Fi

A recent study showed that the use of wireless communications-type Wi-Fi could harm the quality of the sperm and lead to a decline in male fertility. This is caused by the electromagnetic radiation caused by wireless communications.

The reasons for the temporary reduction in the number of sperm:

Almost every physical or severe psychological stress can cause low sperm count temporarily. Common cases where a temporary reduction in sperm count include occur:

Psychological tension. Tension Aarql the hormone  and reduces the amount of sperm production.

Sexual problems. Less than 1% of men who suffer from fertility problems to have a problem with sex. Which may affect fertility.

The lack of an erection, premature ejaculation, psychological problems or problems in the relationship with the wife can contribute to fertility problems. But for these cases there are treatments within treating infertility in men.

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