The demand for personal autonomy allowance (APA)
The demand for personal autonomy allowance (APA)

The demand for personal autonomy allowance (APA)

Since 2002, the personal autonomy allowance, or APA, was set up by the départements.Doctissimo an update on the steps to take to get this financial assistance for dependent elderly people.

When an elderly person loses autonomy, the personal autonomy allowance, or APA, can financially help accomplish the essential activities of daily home or retirement home. Focus on the different steps to take to get this help.

Personal autonomy allowance: who to contact?

The APA request personalized Allowance application file of autonomy, or APA, to be removed from the General Council of the department of residence or its local branches. The folder may be downloaded directly on the department website. Some departments also have a telephone platform for elderly or welfare. The file is then sent on request.

“Most of the steps are made by the families of the elderly,” said a representative of the solidarity of service of the General Council of Vienne (86). To facilitate matters closer to home, records are often available at community centers or municipal social services (CCAS or CIAS) or in local information and coordination centers (CLIC). Sometimes certain mutual, health insurance centers, nursing homes or home care services may also issue certified records.

Fulfill the APA application file

Pretty simple to complete, the APA application package consists of an administrative part, which gives information about the person’s identity. “Records are always accompanied by a leaflet that can help families or the elderly to complete the record,” reassured the representative of Vienna.

The file also contains a medical certificate must be completed by the doctor treating the elderly. This certificate, put in a sealed envelope, used to enter the services of the department on the state of health as well as the person’s dependency level.

Finally, a number of supporting documents are required, such as a photocopy of an ID, the last tax or no tax, and possibly land tax or a bank account number (RIB) . After being completed and accompanied by the necessary documents, the file must be sent to the General Council.

The steps in the investigation of the APA folder

Once received, welfare services department verify that the file is complete and inform the applicant by mail of the receipt of the dossier. This letter indicates if it lacks certain documentation. In the weeks following its receipt, a member of the Healthcare Department team will visit the elderly at home and by appointment.

This person may be a social worker, a nurse or a staff from the administration. The purpose of this visit is to assess the needs of the elderly, via an interview one or two hours. The level of dependence is assessed using the grid “AGGIR” for “Autonomy Gerontology Group Iso Resources”. If the elderly person resides in a nursing home, it is a “coordinator” physician conducting this assessment.

The field evaluator then presented the report of his visit to the medical and social department team consisting of a physician, evaluators, a part of the service and representatives of home services. They will then be able to adjust the requirements and compare the medical certificate previously completed by the attending physician. “This is necessary because some elderly people tend to minimize their needs, for modesty or shyness,” says the service solidarity of Vienna.

The APA award decision

Once assessed needs, files are classified by level of dependence. Only persons falling within the “IRM” 1-4 can benefit from the personel autonomy allowance. This excludes persons within levels 5 and 6, the low dependence does not allow the granting of financial assistance from the department.

Depending on the needs of the elderly, medical and social team will provide an assistance plan. If the allocation of the APA itself is not subject to a means test, the amount depends on her financial resources of the elderly. Indeed, part of the APA can be financed by the recipient, it is called “participation”.

On average, the time required to award the APA is two months. If the decision does not suit him, the senior also has two months to make a friendly appeal to the award committee of the personel autonomy allowance.

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