The effective treatment of frizzy hair
Frizzy hair treatments
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The effective treatment of frizzy hair

Frizzy hair is a common result of The sun, sea, heat, damage by  the sebum film.Outcome:Frizzy hair, rough, rebellious and difficult to style. The aim is of this article is  to give your  hair a better.

If the summer is beneficial for skin and health, seawater, sand, wind assaulted the scalp. Damaged, the hair becomes a frizzy  hair to the touch and end up breaking.

Phase starter

Total Repair of Jean-Louis David The first thing to do to repair frizzy  hair  that damaged by the vagaries of holiday: it’s washing. It can seem obvious but, beautiful hair is through proper hygiene. Prefer a shampoo (at a rate of one to two times per week) sweet and nourishing, special fizzy hair  like Total Repair of Jean-Louis David. This shampoo professional format, nourishes, repairs and protects.
For best results, you have to massage the scalp with your fingertips. This process recovery and activates blood circulation. Complete shampoo in cold water. Not easy, but it is the best way for the  fizzy hair regains its smooth and silky look.

Feed depth

Nutricerat mask dermatological laboratories Ducray Capillary drought is partly due to a lack of sebum. These are the most nourishing care that will help fill the loss. Mask, emulsion or spray, products abound. The mask Nutricerat dermatological laboratories Ducray revives the  fizzy hair. At a rate of one or two times a week, you gain in flexibility and softness. The hair is regenerated in depth.
Quick tip: leave on your mask few minutes under a warm, wet towel, its action will be all the more effective.

No more fizzy hair

The only shampoo is not enough to restore health and shine to hair. To put the odds on your side, use a conditioner repairman such as Nutri-gloss spray L’Oreal. A pearl protein and citrus trees, it awakens the most dormant and the hair shines like a gloss. Day after day fizzy hairregain their health, shine and a soft touch like cashmere.

Deep restful mango butter Klorane For curly or frizzy hair, deep refreshing mango butter, Klorane is a concentrate of intense hydration. This sheath greedy and smooth wax scales to prevent the occurrence of the forks.

Finally, note that the hair does not like the heat, head of greasy hair. Avoid therefore too hot showers, and above all let your dry hair in the open air. Too frequent brushings are also prohibited.

Last tip for the most recalcitrant tips, needless to embark on an endless battle. A short haircut is the trick. It iliminate these rebels forks and you will be a new look for back

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