The eyelash enhancement for doe eyes
The eyelash enhancement for doe eyes
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The eyelash enhancement for doe eyes

To have doe eyes  like Kim Kardashian without putting mascara. You need to do some  enhancement of eyelash  that has been   using succefully by others.

The enhancement of eyelash, what is it?

This technique is practiced in specialized beauty institutes in the look promises eyelashes curled to perfection, without makeup, for several weeks. This is the new version of the eyelash curler, this small utensil that was all in our makeup kit or in a drawer in the bathroom. Except that the enhancement of it(if it is not practiced too often, every 4 months) less weakens our eyelashes. And above all, thanks to him it saves time.

No need for a mascara doe eyes jump in bed And for an even deeper look, one can opt for an eyelash enhancement or laying semi-permanent mascara.

How is eyelash enhancement session?

Before you get down to business, professional look that the practice eyelash enhancement removes our eyes. The goal: eliminate mascara residue. Then it comes to assessing the size of our eyelashes to achieve the curvature tailored: there are three size S, M and L for longer lashes.

– Once validated this step, the plate beautician our bottom lashes (down) using a sticky patch to not hinder their operation.

– Then she did the same with the top lashes by plating them up with a small curved silicone patch. She then glues the lashes one by one on the patch with a small brush and special glue. Is allowed to set between 15 and 20 minutes depending on the length and thickness of eyelashes.

– Then renews the same exposure time setting with a product this time.

– Finally, when the delivery arrives, the professional gaze off the eyelashes patches and removes all traces with saline. Care is taken not to wet his lashes (with water or any other product which could cancel the enhancement of eyelashes) overnight.

Questions to ask before launching

– Is it really for me? Unlike micropigmentation for eyebrows, eyelashes enhancement is for everyone, that we have little or big eyelashes, that one is a follower of mascara or not …

– How long does it last ? The session lasts about 45 minutes and the effect on our eyelashes about 3 months.

– Does it hurt? We can not really say that it hurts but the feel glued eyelashes is not pleasant. Our eyes stand out a little ashamed but they do not bite. The end result is worth it: the lashes are naturally curled and apply mascara in the morning is a breeze: the brush glides over the lashes, one coat is sufficient and finished packages!

– Can we normally makeup and cleansing? The next day, no indication for use against its traditional products, even waterproof makeup.

– How much does it cost ? The single eyelash enhancement costs on average € 80 and € 90 with an eyelash.


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