The glycemic index and its effects
The glycemic index and its effects

The glycemic index and its effects

The conference itself was very rewarding by talking about the glycemic index with the presence of the best doctors around the globe.

“The glycemic index is a ranking criterion foods containing carbohydrates based on their effect on blood sugar (glucose in the blood) during the two hours of ingestion” (Wikipedia). There are carbohydrates that exert their effects slowly on the level of blood sugar and other rapidly. The glycemic index lists all foods and compares carbohydrates based on their ability to raise blood sugar. In this way we can define how the level of blood sugar is influenced by the carbohydrates. First, it does not matter whether it is a carbohydrate “healthy” or “unhealthy”.

What is more determining is in fact to define the rate of absorption of carbohydrate in the blood cells. It’s just from the time that one can infer what food is healthy or not. More carbohydrate is absorbed rapidly into the bloodstream, the more you have to be careful about its consumption. The consequence of excessive consumption can cause diabetes. Conversely endurance sports promote foods that arrive as quickly as possible in the blood stream to fill gaps in the effort.

To get a more accurate result, we must also take into account, in addition to the glucose value, the rate at which a carbohydrate is eaten. An example, a blueberry has a low glycemic index and white bread a high glycemic index.

If we now eat a kilo of blueberries and only a piece of white bread, it is clear that large quantities blueberries have a great influence on  blood sugar level, which is not the case of white bread. Conversely if you eat a kilo of white bread and a kilo of blueberries, the baton will have far more influence on the level of glyccemic than blueberries.

Now you want to know what your favorite dish speed is absorbed into the blood, it’s simple and it will save me from publishing a table of glycemic index: search on google the glycemic index of your favorite dish!

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