The good qualities of bamboo
Bamboo: a plant with firming qualities
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The good qualities of bamboo

Bamboo firms, smoothes and tones the skin. An ingredient came all Asian law begins to rage in France. Zoom on the best body care bamboos.

The strength of bamboo in cosmetics

Venerated in all its forms in Asia.this robust plant that can grow up to 20 cm per day made about her in cosmetics for its fortifying and firming qualities.

The “tears” bamboos harvested at the nodes of the rods and the flesh contained in the shoots are in effect shielded iron, silica and proteins. What enhance the quality of nails and hair, but also boost collagen synthesis in the epidermis.

Proof of its success, capillary research laboratories Oreal have staked everything on this soft and durable asset, and have incorporated in their latest innovations in styling and coloring.

Finally, the finely ground bamboo is also a very effective exfoliant.

Why we love?

Beyond its cosmetic qualities, particularly bluffing on the body, his crisp green scent and Zen are a real invitation to travel. Just breathe its fragrance to imagine instantly on a junk sailing over the tranquil waters of the Mekong!

Incorporated in melting and frosted textures, he then developed another personality, fresh and relaxing … And an undisputed ingredient of our hot shots of anti-beauty rituals of the summer.



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