The healthy breakfast ideas
Breakfast ideas healthy

The healthy breakfast ideas

No way to miss breakfast  meal of the day! For if breakfast avoids the palm of eleven, it is also a vital ally health. So go ahead: bread in the morning, keeps the doctor away!

You never take breakfast time? Caution, it may cost you!

A slice against diabetes and obesity

Breakfast combines health Eating breakfast will prevent you from taking kilos! This is the conclusion of many scientists who also point out that the morning meal reduces the risk of developing resistance to insulin (hormone that regulates sugar levels in the blood), the first step towards diabetes. According to recent research on the subject 1, those who take the time to eat before work, have nearly twice the age of obesity or insulin resistance problems, compared to those who take nothing. This first meal would allow the agency to better manage the intake of sugar and calories. With a good breakfast.

Think Vitamin B!

For breakfast, starchy foods are essential. If you are an addict bread, think wholemeal bread, otherwise opt for cereals. These starchy allow you to fill B vitamins, essential to boost your mental abilities. These vitamins are essential in the morning in order to stay focused throughout the day 2. Vitamin B9 (folic acid) in particular, helps prevent mental fatigue. Vitamin B1 also seems to play a leading role for attention. And if you can not swallow bread or cereal, you have brie for refueling of B vitamins … harder to dip into his coffee!

A bowl against cholesterol!

The pace of your meals is also essential for the heart. Indeed, a team of three US scientists found a link between the frequency of meals and cholesterol. By studying 14,000 people aged 45-75 years, researchers have noted that the cholesterol level was lower among those who ate 5-6 times a day, compared to those who took only one or two meals. This difference appeared although more numerous meals were overall more calories! The mechanism is not explained, but it is likely that the body gets used to store energy when the interval between meals is too long. In practice, we must again make a healthy  breakfast but also add a small snack to taste.

So to preserve your health, take time to swallow breakfast, ideally consisting of bread or cereal, a dairy product, a drink and a fruit …

Enjoy your meal !

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