The hypocaloric diet
The hypocaloric diet

The hypocaloric diet

The hypocaloric diet diet meets the basic principle of weight loss: reduce energy intake, controlling in particular the amounts of sugar and fat ingested, in order to force the body to draw from its reserves. Nevertheless, it must not lead to deficiencies and requires a lot of discipline.

The hypocaloric diet

Principle: The principle of   hypocaloric diet is  simple: it reduces energy intakes, especially fat and fast sugars, while maintaining a wide variety of food. Depending on the goal of caloric intake fixed, it is more or less strict in the choice of food. It is accompanied by simple rules: do not snack between meals, avoid sugary drinks, pay attention to seasonings and sauces …

Critique: The hypocaloric diet is effective but requires discipline. If your goal of weight loss is important (more than 5 kilos), it is better to get help from a dietitian or a doctor. In addition to his help and advice, this one will provide you with essential psychological support. The duration of the regime depends on the number of kilos to lose and the rigor in its follow-up.

The resumption of a normal diet should be gradual, and good eating habits should be kept. Otherwise, weight recovery is guaranteed! Finally, increasing your physical activity can help.

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