the method to use styling oils
Styling oils:The styling oils, I use it how?
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the method to use styling oils


 the styling oils is a new oil development in the heart of a styling product that  is considered as among the best oil products for better hair.

What’s a styling Oil?

These styling oils are represented by a formula “biphasic” which combines a phase enriched in oil and disciplining dry phase with fixing agents micronized.

The oil is hydrophobic, it displaces water and provides anti-frizz protection. There is talk of oil “dry” because it was designed to leave no greasy to the touch / Visual.

The different uses of  styling oils:

Curly or straight hair, long or short the styling of “styling soft ‘adapt to all hair types. They can be used even on wet or dry hair after shampooing to print the form or retouching. How ?

– On straightened hair (and relaxed), a two-stage oil styling perfect smoothing taming frizz and controlling the volume. After dissemination, simply smooth the lengths to fingers or a comb.

– On wavy hair, curly, it provides ripples, regular loops and better defined while taming frizz. After application, the working fingers rippling movements to accentuate.

What is the difference between an oil styling and classic styling spray?

So far, the oils were only care products. If they knew disciplining a hairstyle for a while, they had no fixing property, so no styling benefit over time nor uniform.

The setting of a styling oil is softer than that obtained with a spray … and made brighter satin no greasy. These oils can be equated to a product of “gentle styling” more pleasant to use because it does not cartonne hair.

Warning, these oils are not doomed to the “construction” or hyper-fixing complex hairstyles (type bun) like a spray. They are ideal for smoothing or ripple.

Discover our selection of styling oils to discipline smooth straight hair or curly .

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