The methods of brushing hair
Brushing hair methods
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The methods of brushing hair

 If you want to make a perfect home brushing hair , which will smooth your hair up, follow our advice. Beyonce and Jennifer Aniston others had better watch out!

In life, there is no point in running must “brusher” point. To have the last word on a curly hair, you can of course go to a hair salon or do it yourself at home. Thanks to new treatments and materials increasingly pro, you’ll get a fairly convincing result and certainly less expensive than professional brushing hair .

Brushing hair : From Patience experience

Brushing  succeed is  One of the keys to the success of a good brushing hair  is patience. To be sure to get the desired effect and long-lasting hold, you will arm yourself with patience. You will never get a good record if you rush or attempting to shorten the session by brushant large packages. You must take the time to separate the hair and make small wicks.

Brushing hair : Different stages will respect you

Dry one’s hair

Your hair must not be waterlogged, so you will take care to absorb any moisture with a towel. As soon as they begin to dry, you can apply a protective treatment that will facilitate the smoothing. We take this first step to untangle.

Bit by bit  brusher

First of all, start by separating your hair strand by strand attached and hold the ones you do not treat it, to protect the maximum heat. The ideal is to meet all the hair on top of the head, not releasing the locks at the nape and on the side. It is here that begins the blow dry.
Then wrap around the brushing hair from the nape and dry by sliding the brush along the entire length. Be careful not to approach the dryer too close, you may damage the fibers. Hold your brush perpendicular to the hair dryer to the hot air penetrates better, from the root to the tip. Repeat this on the whole head.

Fix the brushing hair 

Once finished, place the unit on the cold position and slide it over the whole hair to fix the smoothing. Of course you can then apply a nourishing serum that will shine your new hairstyle!

Brushing hair : Our ultimate advise you will follow

Do not abuse the good things. Even if one loves the brushing hair is one of the techniques that most hair abyss. Do not exceed the rate of smoothing a week under penalty of breaking your hair.

To maximize the life of your blow dry not hesitate to use the multitude of specific care that is offered to you: the straightening shampoos, disciplinantes oils, anti-frizz spray, are all major asset to keep your hair soft, smooth and super soft!

Use a hair dryer to tip to avoid damaging the hair fiber. A pullout will let the hot air blows.

Finally, to maximize your brushing, do not hesitate to spend two or three times on each strand.

Brushing hair : From good material 

Blow-drying it is important to use a round brush. More your hair is long and thick and the diameter of your brush will be important. Brushes with the cylinder of metal or ceramic heat in contact with the hair dryer and provide an optimal result.

Choose a good quality hairdryer with significant power. Equip yourself with a device you can regulate the heat according to the different stages of brushing.

Here is a good quality of hairdryer in Amazon store

If you want very straight hair you can use as heating irons Satinliner straightener Braun. A memory to save your user preferences and softness remains unmatched. The ceramic evenly distributes heat to avoid burning the hair. Not only they will be smoothed, but in addition they will be ultra-shiny, smooth and healthy.
Satinliner Straightener, Braun € 60

Liss-Intense Masque L’Oreal care side, opt for the intense smooth mask L’Oreal. A valuable argan oil, it nourishes the hair and makes them bright and silky. It is a full face mask that soothes and protects the scalp. This is the perfect finish for extreme glamor and smoothing.
Liss-Intense Masque Extra-rich, Oreal, € 7.89 250 ml jar

Rene Furterer Shampoo For an in depth action and optimum results before making your brushing hair  you can get a silky smoothing shampoo. The Fioravanti anti frizz Rene Furterer of gently cleanses the scalp and therefore facilitates the smoothing during brushing. You coifferez you more easily be smoothed and frizz!
Anti-frizz shampoo silky smoothness, Rene Furterer, € 9.10

With our advice, you can say goodbye to unruly hair!

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