The most important baby developments

The most important baby developments

The most important baby developments
Baby developments are something different apart from all the stages of life because he goes through a lot of development in the first six months .

The first month of baby developments:

The Child starts in the first month of trying to lift his head and look around and stare at people’s faces .Also, He responds to sounds and turning  around when any inconvenience disturbing . He follows the things around him, trying speaking some voices , and distinguish between the white  and black forms.Morever, some children smile ,laugh , and  agitate their heads 45 degrees rarely.

 The second month of baby developments:  

The child is continuing to sounds like purrs ,smiling and laughing as well as  He can act to lift his head to the top for a short period and is driven by the angle of 45 and can carry himself on his feet.

The third month of baby developments:  

In the third month , the child can laugh and move his head firmly. Also, he tries to make so many sounds, such as funny and weird. He also can distinguish sounds ,shapes, and smells .Although,  he is also able to  move his hands ,try to pick things up, and strike things that are  near his face.

The fourth month of baby developments:

The child becomes able to lie over his feet , lift his face up steadily,  and responding  when talking to him and given voices and movements and to face the reactions. Also, he able to grab things , pickup games,  trying to touch everything, and mumbling  with some words such as “Mom and Dad”.

 The fifth month of baby developments:

Baby can distinguish between severe voice , fluctuate skillfully ,  plays with his feet and legs and colors. He also distinguishes his own name and turns while someone  calls him back .Also, he can sit for a moment without getting assist from his parents and puts everything in his mouth and starts eating solid foods.

The sixth month of baby developments:

it starts crawling , rolling over ,and moving comfortably and smoothly as well as he making  sounds continuously and do not stop playing.

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