The negative effects of red meat
Red meat: what is the problem?

The negative effects of red meat

Red meat and sausage favor cancer risk according to expert. When it is safe to be eaten?

The World Health Organization  has reminded that red meat and sausage may increase the risk of cancer (bowel, colon, stomach, pancreas in particular). It is especially the excessive consumption of meat and sausage that is in question: we eat 88kg per year, more than double than necessary since it would be limited to 500 grams of meat per week, ie the equivalent of 3 chopped steak.

Health is in the dry vegetable

To reduce his ration of meat and avoid deficiency is associated grains (pasta, rice, oats, spelled, millet, barley …) and pulses (lentils, soybeans, beans, chickpeas …). Not necessarily at the same meal, but during the day. Some examples of successful alliances: rice and lentils, corn and beans, wheat semolina and chickpeas, beans and penne with pine nuts, tofu cauliflower and cashew nuts, bread and pea soup.

You can also add oilseeds such as walnuts, hazelnuts, flaxseed, sunflower … which often contain more protein than steak.

Quantity side? A third of pulses for two-thirds of cereals. And mixed according to recipes, a nice ration oilseeds, vegetables, fruit.

The veggie nuggets, an alternative to meat

Unable to barter a steak with soy steak, however, seen or known, it is possible lasagne or moussaka with vegetables and tofu. In supermarkets, the ranges “veggie”, made from soy or legumes bloom. They are found as a burger (Carrefour Veggie), pellets (Soy), nuggets… enough to afford all culinary whims.

Cereals it’s all good

We do not forget either all cereals so we can cook risotto, adding vegetables there (asparagus, dried tomatoes, fresh peas, etc.). Or quiches, cakes and savory crumble which lend themselves to all possible variations.

Don’ts: always replace meat with starches (carbohydrates too much on the plate) or cheese (good for the quota of protein but high in calories and too salty).

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