The problem of acne
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The problem of acne

It is estimated that between 11 and 18 years, 80% of young people are affected by this skin disease  that called acne.

The problems of young skin is acne that  is a non-infectious disease which begins at puberty. It recognizes of course with a push buttons (and other black spots) but also a skin becomes oilier.

Acne, what is it?

For teenagers, the onset of puberty often marks the beginning of the rash.

The hormones are the cause of these skin blemishes that appear on the T-zone (forehead, nose, chin), but also in the back and on the neckline. Normally, sebum present in the sebaceous glands function is to prevent drying of the skin. But in adolescence, sebum production is racing, its concentration increases in the hair follicle (the hair root) and the skin becomes oilier. Result: the follicle smoothly and excess oil spills on the surface of the skin, making it bright and very bold.

With this excess sebum at birth hairs, pores can become clogged and it is the appearance, dreaded a black dot or microcyst.

What Causes Acne?

The development of acne is favored by four factors:

– Excessive production of sebum makes the skin bright and shiny. This is what is called hyperandrogenism.

– The skin pores get clogged and trap sebum. In response, comedones (blackheads) form is hyperkeratosis.

– The proliferation of bacteria (propionibacteirum acnes), inside of the hair follicles will result in inflammation on the surface of the skin and red spots will appear.

Contrary to popular belief, poor diet is not the cause of the appearance of acne. Chocolate and sausage can be eaten normally, as part of a varied and a healthy diet.

The different acne pimples

Acne skin encounter different types of lesions, which present various degrees of severity.

– Blackheads, also known as comedones. These small “plugs” that are formed in the openings of hair follicles. Their black color is due to oxidation of sebum.

– The mycrokystes are small white buttons that burrow under the skin, usually on the cheeks or chin. They generally move in blackheads or make the nest of inflammation and become red buttons.

– Papules, those red spots are sometimes painful inflammatory lesions. Are they are reabsorbed, are they turn into pustules.

– The pustules, papules are the same, except that they contain a yellow purulent fluid. These are often called white buttons and correspond to secondary infection of the lesions.

– The nodules are the characteristics of the most severe acne. This is red inflammatory lesions, deep and painful.

The positive thing is that acne is a disease that resolves spontaneously with age. Past 20 years for boys and 22 for girls, acne becomes a bad memory.


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