The protection of curly hair
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The protection of curly hair

 Curly hair  is more fragile are those more toast. That’s why,in this article , we will show how to protect  it and show off  your own  beautiful curls? Our advices.

Curly hair: why protects more in summer

Under the effect of the sun, sand, wind, curls and loops are even more abused than straight hair “Curly hair tends to be more fragile than straight hair because their cuticle rises more easily due to their structure “helix”, “explains Cécile Leveque, Scientist at Timotei hair. In summer, they will tend to become dry, rough, porous and difficult to discipline loops. “The sun’s rays weaken indeed keratin, the fibrous protein responsible for permeability, elasticity and strength of our hair . Salt and sand as assault the hair having an abrasive effect. The particles rubbing between the fibers raise the scales, giving adverse effects “straw” and split hair.

Nevertheless, it is possible to dodge this capillary ordeal by following our plan of attack.

Curly hair: to know to protect

Tip number 1: It wears a hat when out in the sun head. It may seem unrealistic but it really has a protective effect, as confirmed by our expert “hat will protect keratin and melanin fiber”.

Tip number 2: It avoids wetting his hair as much as possible when swimming in sea water and pool, wet hair is more fragile (thus raise or tie her hair to avoid contact with water, for example). If the hair is wet, dry them carefully and gently dabbing with a towel to protect the scales and not break her curls.

Tip number 3: We made a “cure” of nourishing mask before sun exposure. One does not hesitate to make masks with nourishing ingredients such as shea butter, sweet almond or avocado. It does not derogate from unavoidable ritual every summer: mild shampoo, conditioner and mask after swimming to maintain well-defined curls and spring full.

Shampoo hand, it favors very nourishing active ingredients formulated for dry and damaged hair like Shea (shampoo nourishing shea butter, JFLazartigue, € 28) or butter Murumuru (Shampoo and conditioner Loops & Keeping Timotei, € 2.99 each). The combination shampoo, conditioner and mask is to continue after the holidays if we want brilliant hair in September.

Tip number 4: Down with big brushes which give a pony’s mane! It untangles hair choice in the shower after the mask using a wide tooth comb. The must to get rid of knots without hooking the fiber.

Tip number 5: If we want to fix, opt for a gel is applied to the loop and left to dry naturally or dried with diffuser. Either one chooses the foam Version: Taking a large walnut, and it is put through hair, shaping finger (foam Timotei Loops & Attire enriched with organic sesame oil, € 4.89).

Thank you to Cecile LEVEQUE Scientist Timotei hair and Jean-François Lazartigue expert hairstylist.

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