The regime Lagerfeld
The regime Lagerfeld

The regime Lagerfeld

See the importance of the regime Lagerfeld like other diets that have an affectiveness while everyone is trying it .

In 2000, the German designer Karl Lagerfeld managed to lose 42 kg in just over a year thanks to his own created diet called”The regime Lagerfeld” . With Dr. Jean-Claude Houdret he published the secrets of his regime called Spoonlight. Zoom in on a controversial method .

It was in 2000 that Karl Lagerfeld, the famous German designer of the Maison Chanel, decides to change his look. Thanks to the plan developed by Dr. Jean-Claude Houdret, follower of beauty treatment, natural medicine and herbal medicine, it loses about 42 kg in just over a year. They then publish a book together in 2002 by Editions Robert Laffont, “The best diets” to mediate this method they call “Spoonlight”, better known under the name “The regime Lagerfeld”

Principle of the regime Lagerfeld

Diet Lagerfeld “For me, a diet without complex instructions is not a diet. It takes discipline.” It is in these words that Karl Lagerfeld commented “Spoonlight”. So, it relies heavily on the willingness and remains a very low calorie diet, controlled in fat and sugars, mainly consisting of green vegetables and dairy products 0%. Nutritional supplements supplement the diet (vitamins, plant cocktails draining, anti-fatigue ….) and a few bags meant proteins maintain muscle mass and moderate appetite by creating a ketone production in the blood.

The regime Lagerfled in practice

  The regime Lagerfeld offers three lists of foods according to their calorific value: one with those we can eat at will, the second with foods to eat occasionally, and finally with the last ones to avoid . These lists are then integrated into a strict food program (800 to 1200 kcal per day) starting with a breakfast with protein powder 2 sachets supposed to hold out until noon.

Then the main meals are made from green vegetables almost at will, meat or strictly selected equivalents (no beef, mutton, lamb and pork but fish, chicken, turkey and occasionally veal, rabbit and horse) and dairy products 0%. Taking dietary supplements is recommended as in case of munchies between meals, another protein sachet. Finally, physical activity (and not excessively sport) is encouraged throughout the plan.

Effectiveness of the regime Lagerfeld

With its 42 kg lost in 13 months, it is true that the result is spectacular for Karl Lagerfeld. But this efficiency is after all only relative, first because no other extraordinary result were identified, and then because it is too strict to be performed unattended.

Advantages and disadvantages of the regime Lagerfeld

But what are the advantages and disadvantages of the regime Lagerfeld?

Petit panorama:

Advantages: Some basics about the lifestyle (do physical activity every day as prefer stairs to elevators, preferably eat at set times, do not go straight to bed after dinner, prefer sugar-free products. …) are common sense tips that can be acquired with this scheme.

Cons: This diet is based on the idea that he must suffer to lose weight … Difficult in this case to combine dietary and punishment. The pleasure of the table is ignored because it would have to mean weight gain. The regime Lagerfeld  maintains the illusion that losing weight would be only a matter of will, while weight gain is multifactorial. This language is a source of frustration and guilt, even if it is true that it is often necessary to change some eating habits, it is first necessary that a program, to be not only effective on a long term but not a health hazard, adapts to the individual and not the reverse.

The control and elimination of certain foods supposedly too high in calories (as starchy …) can be the source of a psychological or physiological imbalance. We therefore need regular monitoring and medical supervision, only Karl Lagerfeld and other VIPs can “offer on a long-term”). Similarly, a feeling of hunger resulting from such restriction is common upon discontinuation of the scheme, which is generally resented and makes the resumption of quasi-systematic weight. It also takes a minimum of self-analysis and education on behavior, that does not offer this method.

In conclusion, this plan is limited to those who can afford a continuous and personalized regular medical monitoring for the duration of the scheme. In addition, based on a discipline denies any idea of fun it will be for most people too stringent.

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