The Scarsdale diet
The Scarsdale diet

The Scarsdale diet

The Scarsdale diet had its heyday in the 1980s and 1990. Founded by an American cardiologist, this method is based on a low calorie diet. detailed review.

American cardiologis  realized that  former prisoners of the Vietnam War had been treated  by the Scarsdale  diet, those who had known the internment camps , and therefore a very limited supply were from a cardiovascular standpoint, in much better conditions than those who remained at the front. He deduced this paradoxical finding that the first of hyponutrition had proved more beneficial than hypernutrition second. Scarsdale has used it to develop his method.

Basic rules of the Plan of Scarsdale

Do not drink alcohol or any sugary drink.
Between meals, eat nothing but carrots or celery discretion.
The only drinks allowed are: black coffee, regular or decaffeinated, tea, tonic water without sugar, water diet for whatever perfume. You can drink whenever you wish.
Season all salads without oil or mayonnaise or any rich condiment. Use only lemon and vinegar.
Prepare and eat vegetables without butter or margarine or oil or other fats. Use lemon instead.
The meat should be very thin, degreased and prepared without oil or butter.
It is not absolutely necessary to consume all the ingredients mentioned, but do not replace them with others or add. Keep the indicated combinations.
Do not overload the stomach, stop when you feel full.
Do not extend treatment beyond two weeks.
Repeat exactly the same program two weeks.
then switch to a maintenance diet. The schemes of this kind have some restrictions but still allow many freedoms.

Forbidden foods the Scarsdale diet

In the Scarsdale diet, foods are prohibited:

– Sugar: use only low-calorie sweeteners.
– Potatoes, pasta and any product made with flour.
– Fat dairy products.
– Configured them, desserts and other sweets. Only fruits without sugar or gelatin.
– A maximum of 2 slices of bread per day.
– 120 ml of wine per day (dry and without sugar) or 220 ml of low calorie beer (avoid normal beers).

Maintaining weight after the Scarsdale diet

Staple food in a maintenance plan are:

– Celery and carrots, in all cases.
– All lean meats (including pork), fresh or frozen fish. These foods must be cooked and grilled preferably without fat.
– Shellfish (calorie served without sauce).
– Eggs in any form, prepared without butter or oil or margarine.
– All fat cheese.
– Fruits and vegetables at will.

In general it is important to adopt a diet low calorie, avoiding fats and sugars in favor of proteins. One of the best tips that a healthy weight can be given is to achieve alternating two weeks of strict diet and 2 weeks of maintenance diet. It is assumed that once it reaches weight, the person will be cleared of bad eating habits to transform the only exceptions. The amounts are not indicated because it can consume these foods at will.

The Scarsdale diet is very restrictive. It can expose deficiencies and fatigue. So it is rather advisable to follow the long-term.

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