the schedule of breastfeed!

the schedule of breastfeed!

The benefits of breastfeeding for the mother
Breastfeeding is on the rise among young mothers. But today breastfeed seems difficult to put into practice this  method . Return to work, lifestyle … No panic, with some advice, give the breast is no longer a headache!

You would like to breastfeed your child, but you seem insurmountable obstacles? Do not panic, follow our advice and let baby feed in peace …

Make reservations!

You are not always available to breastfeed? There are solutions.

Breast milk bottles: You can use a breast pump to prepare a bottle from your breast milk. Whether electrical or mechanical, you are renting the pharmacy, and are reimbursed by social security! Note: You can also massage you to extract the milk, but it can get tricky.

Planning ahead: Attention, breast milk can be kept only a short time (max 24) at the top of the refrigerator. You can theoretically be frozen, but it takes some precautions. To defrost: no microwave, not to destroy the antibody. Pass it under a hot tap.

A bottle extra in case: From 4 to 6 weeks of exclusive breastfeeding, you can optionally provide an extra bottle if you can not be always available.

You do not have time

You love to take care of baby. But you also have some work to do at home, you do not keep up, etc. So no question of imposing an additional constraint you … Remember that breastfeeding saves you the time of preparation and reheating the bottle. Not to mention the time lost when outdoors groups, and to look for food to prepare baby food (or take with you always …).

You return to work

Your 10 weeks of leave for the birth relates to its end, and you do not know how you’ll manage to continue breastfeeding. First point, you can prepare the bottles (see previous tips). Next, remember that you get a reduction of one hour per working day if you are breastfeeding. This is valid until the baby’s first year.

You can also negotiate with your employer a layout of your schedule. Suggest a gradual resumption of work, which will allow you to space out feedings gradually. Remember feedings in the morning and evening are the most important. These are the ones we must try to maintain when you return to work. And do not forget to work, limit your consumption of coffee, and of course no alcohol and tobacco.

By following these tips, you should be able to breastfeed exclusively for at least the first six months (four months minimum age according to experts). What protect baby against infections, allergies, diabetes and even obesity!

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