The secrets of women masturbation

The secrets of women masturbation

Recently, talk about female masturbation was taboo. Yet more and more women recognize practicing solitary pleasures to better know their body.

According to the Hite report, conducted among 3,000 American women in the 1970s, 82% reported masturbating, and among them, 95% were able without difficulty to orgasm every time they wanted to. The survey distinguished six types of female masturbation (with some variations).

In the vast majority of cases (73%), the woman manually excites the clitoral region or vulvar being supine.
“I always excites the same way: my finger caress my clitoris and sometimes I push along another finger in my vagina I caress my genital area.”; “I masturbate by massaging my clitoris laterally, gently at first, then increasing the pressure intensity I use the index (one hand).”; “My fingers caress my clitoris and my free hand, I scratch, pull, clip the tip of my breasts. I caress alternately up and down and in circles. My legs are sometimes attached, sometimes apart. I find particularly exciting immobilize my hand and continuing friction stir my sex against my finger. ”

The woman can also use another technique of masturbation which is  liying  on your stomach (5.5%).
“I’m lying on her stomach, legs slightly apart and I use both hands, the right resting on the clitoris, left tight against her to increase pressure. Stirring up pool down, moderately fast, j ‘get the friction I want on the region of my clitoris “; “I masturbate on your stomach, legs together, pressing my clitoris with the index and middle fingers of both hands, one over the other. Sometimes I caress my breasts or buttocks with one hand, or I slide my fingers in my vagina “; “I began with a circular caress the clitoris and sometimes I rub up and down, the clitoris clamped between two fingers. With the right hand I check that my vagina is wet and I indulge in a fantasy.


I continue stimulating my clitoris and I slip two fingers into my vagina “; “I stand by the vibrator under me, more or less firmly, stirring my body on him.”Some women rub with a soft object (4%).
“I make the cloth with a small ball about the size of a fist (I used the head of my poor teddy bear, but since I’m too old to sleep with a bear, I content myself with a cloth handle) I lie on the bed, the ball resting on my clitoris then I’m moving my hips in a circular motion until I enjoy. “. “I do not really masturbating me, I rub against the cloth hardly any more …”; “I usually masturbate on the corner of a chair, I rub, legs together.”; “I rub against my sink slowly, pressing hard my pubis, freshness ceramic excites me a lot.”Other tighten their thighs rhythmically repeatedly (3%).
“I’m sitting on a chair or in bed, and I use the muscles of the inside of my thighs with I focus all my energy on my vagina area.”; “I rub my thighs against each other, lying generally, but I’m also while sitting (at the office, on the bus, etc.). The friction exerts gentle pressure on the clitoris.”

They can also use different technique of masturbation which is  massaging  their genital area with water (2%).
“I direct the spray of the shower to my clitoris, legs wide apart”; “I’m lying in the tub and tap water falls on my pubis, my clitoris and my vagina. More water is warm, the greater the pressure, the more I enjoy fast.” “I unscrewed the apple of shower so that the jet straight pipe. I spread my labia to expose my clitoris”
Few women routinely perform vaginal penetration (1, 5%) and over half begin with manually stimulate their clitoris.
“I put a finger on my clitoris and with the other hand I come and go the neck of a plastic bottle in my vagina”; “My husband stirs a dildo in my vagina while I pressed a vibrator on my clitoris”; “Usually I’m moving my fingers in my vagina, sometimes I let them motionless, still depressed.”
Finally, 11% of women responding combine several of these techniques of  masturbation to achieve orgasm.
“I masturbate in many ways. On the back in the tub, on my bed, on a couch, on the floor and everything goes … my breasts, my belly, my thighs, my buttocks, my vagina and my clitoris. I love to ride my clitoris between thumb and index finger into the vagina and play with my breasts and my nipples. “

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