The simplest way to remove belly fat
Obesity and fat burning between genetics and habits

The simplest way to remove belly fat

Do you suffer from the problem of  belly fat and stubborn abdominal fat? Have you tried many methods, but i did not work !Here is a simple  way that will remove your belly fat

The problem of abdominal fat problem may haunt many people who find them looking for all means and ways to help them remove the rumen and get rid of it, and in this article will help you in locating the most important topics that are related to this problem and solve it:

Get rid of the belly fat

There may be many scientific and logical ways that may help in the removal of the belly fat that Mutir on the application, these methods include:

Fresh and eating healthy foods and avoid all that is factory fast food and food saved These foods high in calories, fat and sodium will contribute significantly to increasing your waist.

Commitment calculated calorie meal plan, including suits with a focus on high to be different and diversified and balanced nutrients.

Meals distributed to several divided quotas during the day, so as to include three main meals and snacks Ojptin at least, taking into account maintaining the dates fixed food it will help in the removal of the belly fat by burning belly fat and avoid bloating and gas.

Eat a variety of dietary fiber sources such as vegetables, fruits and complex carbohydrates found in whole grains and legumes

Focus on low-fat sources of protein or lean such as meat or chicken without the fat, milk and dairy products without fat.

Avoid saturated fats and hydrogenated sources Kalmqala and junk food and focus on healthy fats and beneficial plant Kalziot.

Avoid sources of simple sugars, such as soft drinks, juices and pastries Vtnolha increases the accumulation of fat in the abdominal area.

Avoid drinking alcohol, which increase the accumulation of fat in the areas surrounding the liver and waist area in particular.

Take exercise variety, and avoid focusing on the abdominal muscles exercises, The body loses fat as a whole and theme throughout and when exercising the sport, one focused on a particular area, you are not going to lose fat from this region paid what built by the muscles may push fat out which could lead to increased problem worse .

Maintain ideal weight by increasing muscle mass in the body through strength and aerobic exercise training exercises, Building muscle helps keep metabolism and fat burning and energy in the body effectively and continuously even when you do not exercise.

Will and determination were essential on the subject of weight loss and abdominal fat stubborn and achieve goals, and without them it is difficult to reach any of you want.

Relax and avoid the pressures and stress, will help in maintaining the large intestine (colon Colon) quiet and contribute to eliminating the causes of bloating and gas.

Getting enough hours of sleep, as many studies have shown that people who were sleeping inadequate number of bites they get their fat accumulations Cchaiah especially in the abdominal area.

Care to drink enough and ample amounts of water to suit your everyday needs.

Diet of belly fat

You may find many commercial diets that claim to being dedicated to the weight loss of the abdominal area, and of course these viruses void not unfounded, as it has been scientifically proven that the human body loses distributed the whole fat, and can not by its focus on a particular system or type particularly of food or one exercise, losing in the region without the other. And it proved that he is by healthy lifestyle and sports diversified and appropriate and proper nutrition pattern man can reach the ideal weight gradually losing excess fat from all areas of the body including the abdomen and waist circumference.

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