The solution of dark circles
Dark circles
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The solution of dark circles

Dark circles are characterized by dark printing at the lower eyelid. We tend to think that we all have the same circles. It is a mistake.

There are different types of dark circles: the swarthy brown  is  most recognizable among Mediterranean people or Hindu,  and blue  circles . It is important to distinguish, because the treatments are different.

For the color of your dark circles, blue or brown, pull the skin thoroughly. You watch as well, a bluish color, a brown color. If there is no color, it means that it is the shadow of the hollow which gives this dark appearance.

The blue circles are caused by too thin skin, which reveals the vasculature below the skin. Brown dark circles indicate that the skin is responsible for pigments, this pigment content being hereditary. Identifies the hollow, it induces a shadow that gives the impression of being tired. Finally, This type of circles  occur by monitoring bulge, below, a small hollow.

What solutions against dark circles with pockets?

Dark circles with bags under the eyes reveal a poor lymphatic drainage. Water collects and burn fat fast, and forming a pocket. At first, applying a cold pack on the eyes in the morning is more effective. Then it is best to go to a beautician to learn to massage her eyelids and thus to activate the drainage there. Finally, surgery can provide a solution for a decade: the intervention is to simply empty the bag by sucking its contents.

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