The solution from stopping of pornography

The solution from stopping of pornography

The state of  awareness of  being addicted to pornography and giving up from watching pornography are done in four stages: ignorance, denial, then acceptance, and finally revolt.

(1) Ignorance of pornography

At first the addict completely ignores his pornography use is excessive. Its consumption is too recent for it to still feel the negative effects. Or it feels good already certain disorders, but do not think they are related to his porn consumption.

The very low media coverage of the issue arises here the problem: by comparison, then we will tend to be wary of alcoholic drink too much, we will not “streamline” his porn consumption. With the spread of the Net, some addicts mettenttrès quickly to spend whole evenings content search X.Ils only see the fun aspect of this consumption, and will realize the harmful aspects too late

(2) Denial

The addict has ever heard of pornographic addiction, television, or the Internet. Near, he saw that something “wrong”, was able to raise the subject with him. Yet the addict will deny feeling concerned. He will say that fluent consumption.

At this stage, depending always trying to be justified: they claim that consuming pornography would be “normal”, that all men would do -which is aspen, it would be in “air time”. Dependent couple, they often blame on their partner (“if I consume porn, it’s your fault, it’s because you are excited me enough”). Sometimes the single dependent argue that loneliness is the cause of their consumption (with false arguments like: “if I had a girlfriend, I would not go to pornographic sites”).

In all cases, the addict tries to shirk: he accuses the other, he accuses the company or he accuses his celibacy, to avoid having to face his problem and take responsibility.

(3) Acceptance

Then comes the day when, finally, the addict recognizes that he has a problem. Most often, the recognition occurs when the effects of addiction become unmanageable. For example, he realizes that he no longer goes out a lot, he does not / no longer many friends. Or, he realizes that his sexuality couple is at half mast. He finally surrendered to the evidence: he neither consumption control nor the frequency of masturbation episodes.

Perhaps he now feels attracted by forms of sexuality, which nevertheless disgusted him. Will then follow a period of doubt and anguish, because the addict does not know if the situation can be reversed. He felt like the world’s only to encounter such difficulties. A certain fatalism can creep in him; it may fear being “screwed”, “unrecoverable”. If you know an addict at this stage, it is IN-DIS-PEN-SAND remotiviez you to resume the confidence in him, so that he can reach the fourth time he took consciencet: time of revolt.

(4) The revolt

The last phase, the revolt began when the addict refuses the situation, and began to seek solutions to its condition. This can take the form of anger, or a cry for help. It may feel ashamed, guilty of being got there. He wants to have believed he was immune from the phenomenon of having thought it only happened to others. It is likely to blame for not having succeeded in controlling its consumption. But it will nevertheless seek to correct the bar. He may be trying on its own to wean, with varying degrees of success. It will probably look for information on the subject on the Internet. It is at this stage that number of dependents, arrive on this site.


If you landed on this site on your own initiative after a search on the Net, it is without doubt that you doubt that something “wrong”.

Do not be afraid of the truth: Yes, you have a problem with pornography. No, you will not be able to do without it as easily as you would like. Yes, pornography fogs your mind, your thoughts, your view of the opposite sex. Yes, you have passed the stage of occasional use to enter that compulsive consumption.

Do you know how you arrived (e) there?

– There may be something in your background led you to this porn bulimia: sexual assault in your youth problem you position vis-à-vis the opposite sex, strong shyness … in this case, walk around your demons and set it to their account. Get help if necessary by a specialist such as a psychologist or psychiatrist.

– But perhaps there is nothing. No particular reason; you have consumed porn because you were curious, because you find it appealing, and you do not see the side effects of it are coming. Maybe your school friends did, then you have followed suit, period. Most pornodependancy start with simple curiosity. If you are in this case, no need to torture you mind find you reasons; you became prisoner porn simply because X is something extremely addictive.

In all cases, unnecessary angst. You are neither a monster nor a pervert. Others before you have made themselves, many others after you unfortunately fall into the same trap.

Pornography is an industry that spends billions to get new clients and keep addicts who already are: you are sadly one among thousands.

Now,out of the question appitoyer you! You did not know that pornography consumption would hurt you, either! You have been the victim of a complete lack of information on the risks of pornodependancy, a general laxity of the company with respect to the dissemination of pornographic content. But now, you know.

If today you are not trying to stop, it will not be the fault of the company, potential difficulties in your marriage or women who are guilty of being “too good”. Starting today, if you continue to consume porn, it will be your responsibility.

Stop porn now only depends on you. To you and to you alone choose who you want to be tomorrow. To you today to arm yourself to get you out of pornodependancy, and never immerse it.

You have within you the resources to get by. This will ask you important efforts, sacrifices, but we must believe. You arrive there if you believe it.

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