The solutions of sensitive skin
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The solutions of sensitive skin

Sensitive skin, hyper-reactive, irritable or intolerant is not a type of skin as well as oily skin, combination skin or dry skin. Rather, it is a characteristic that can affect all skin.

If you are concerned, then it should be easy on your skin as possible and to adopt certain reflexes that promote the reduction, or even disappearance, inconvenience that causes cutaneous hyperreactivity.

How to recognize a sensitive skin?

Sensitive skin is not easy at first to distinguish sensitive skin because it has no detectable feature during a clinical examination. Skin sensitivity is above all a matter of sensitivity …! It is indeed the permanent sensation of discomfort, skin hot, burning, prickling, redness or pulls characteristic skin sensitivity without visible symptoms.

Moreover, one can think of hypersensitivity skin when the skin reacts to external factors that should not disturb. The reactive skin is indeed a skin whose tolerance is much lower than other address environmental or internal factors than conventional skins. Example: it is quite normal to feel a tugging sensation after a bath in a heavily chlorinated pool or itching after contact with detergents, it is not trivial to blush, to be irritated or having “bad skin” after applying the cream or even just water, having been thwarted or exposed to climatic variations.

The best is still to seek an accurate diagnosis his dermatologist may conduct a local skin test to determine the skin irritability threshold and / or ask for allergy testing.

How to cure her sensitive skin?

Factors causing skin reactions in sensitive skin are numerous: this includes the application of cosmetics, climatic variations, certain foods, stress and even water or simply rubbing of clothing. The skin barrier is impaired, it is no longer providing a protective role towards the environment and becomes more permeable to foreign substances: UV, pollution, strong emotions and menstrual cycle are then experienced as real attacks by the skin.

I adopt:

– The cleansing milk to rinse the spray thermal water on the face and micellar water without rinsing.
– Dermatological surgras breads and soap.
– A soothing treatment or special calming sensitive skin.
– The treatment of anti-stress supplements to limit its impact on my body.
– A hypoallergenic moisturizer that does not cause me any reaction after several applications. Once I found the right one, I keep changing and I do more.

– An anti-redness cream that will act at the same time on the warm feeling of my skin.

Some ideas

Avene Tolerance Extreme – milk cleaning without rinsing – soothes allergic and hypersensitive skin
Bioderma: Créaline Lightweight – soothing cream – sensitive skin intolerant
Roc Dermatologic: Calmance – repair treatment intolerance – reduces redness and irritation.

I’m giving up :

– The idea of ​​the test bench every Saturday from all market cosmetic morning;
– Changes untimely climatic environment: one day in Sydney the next day in Montreal the day in a dry and overheated office and night garden party in the cold and wet garden …
– Too spicy food, tobacco, alcohol;
– Alcoholic lotions, essential oils, foaming products and aggressive or abrasive treatments like peels, scrubs, exfoliating scrubs or creams.

Good news, however, finally: if the immutable hereditary skin sensitivity hit you at birth, be aware that sensitive skin tend to harden and become more tolerant over the years, the horny layer thickening and becoming less permeable. “Sensitivity is on tap when menopause had come”

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