The source of plant proteins
Plant proteins: The source of proteins

The source of plant proteins

You have decided to make a cross on animal products that compose of plant proteins? To cover all your plant proteins needs, you can count on fruits and vegetables.

Plan proteins based on weight.

Plant proteins make up our cells, are used to build muscle and contribute to the overall functioning of the body. To be fit, you must consume about 1 gram per kilogram of weight per day. So, if you weigh 60 kg, you should eat 60 grams of protein daily.

Can plant proteins sufficient to cover our daily needs?

Yes, but it requires some adjustments: our bodies need eight essential amino acids to assimilate proteins. However, if each of these eight amino acids are present in the animal protein, this is seldom the case in the plant. To avoid deficiencies and consume enough, it is essential to diversify sources.


When said  high  protein vegetable, dried vegetables and we think it is right. Lentils, chickpeas and red beans others are relatively well supplied with protein, with a content of 8 g to 100 g (indicative, 100 g of meat or fish or 2 eggs contain between 18 and 25 g). The right reflex to increase our contributions: combine cereal (chick peas + meal, for example), also rich in protein. This mixture provides all amino acids required.

Cereals are consumed

Cereal, the choice is vast: pasta, rice, maize, but also oats, wheat, millet, spelled, barley, buckwheat, rye, kamut or quinoa … But if they contain proteins, their content varies significantly one product to another (13 g to 100 g for pasta and semolina, against only 7 g for rice). Peckish or dessert, are preferred nuts (walnuts, hazelnuts and almonds).

The superstar soybeans

Large consumers of soy products divide by three the risk of having a heart problem. An effect that is unfortunately not shown the same way for men. Soy contains all the essential amino acids, with excellent protein content (up to 35% of its dry weight). Same for all its derivatives: tofu, of course, but also the steak, milk and soy yogurt, or tempeh (a kind of cake obtained by fermentation of seeds).

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