The stature exercises
The stature exercises

The stature exercises

Many people are struggling to get along stature and reviewing the specialists and doctors about the right recommendations about the right  stature exercises.

Media did not neglect the subject of height and there are a lot of ads that belong to threads, medicines and other methods, but all of us are looking for getting a result of natural methods , and without symptoms and side there is a distinctive natural way is to lengthen the stature exercises, accompanied by healthy eating  and balanced commitment to exercise.

There are a lot of stature exercises , including:

First:   Tangling  by using a rod  that is installed  between you and the ground meters or a little less , and we may only exercise on the rod or fluctuate. Also, we should repeat these stature exercises every day to get good results.

Second:  Sagging of the rod installed with ascending and descending upon  it  in order to become the head and shoulders at the top of the  rod , then slowly descend to the  previous stance . This exercise is very good for prolonging the stature and frequency of 10-15 times a day.

Third:  There are some games that help prolong stature process that you may find it in a lot of places in public parks which is good for children to get a long tall along at the age when  the bones of children are flexible and expandable .

Fourth:   Practising all those games such as, high basketball ball, the Flying Saucer,  and volleyball.

Fifth:  One hour in a swimming pool is enough to get a long tall because inside the water the bone, muscle and cartilage are loosed, and this helps to relax.

Notes :

We must focus on these things because they are good and useful:

A healthy balanced  diet.

Getting exposed to the sun for an appropriate period .

Drink almost two liters of water every day.

Sleeping seven hours , which  this is the normal period of sleeping that human should get every day.

Eating substances that contain calcium.

Drinking milk .

Stay away from foods with a high fat.

We have provided you  with some stature exercises and tips as well. We hope that you will have benefit from  them.

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