The stroller, until what age?

The stroller, until what age?

The stroller, until what age?
Topping the list of most birth parents, the stroller will accompany their children according a specific age. Some children feel good even if they do not want to leave … But at what age can you ask a child to give it up? We asked Dr. Edwige Antier pediatrician what she thought.


Prerequisite for parents of young children, the stroller is suitable from birth for some models, and up to 3 or 4 years of the child, even up to its 5 years. Even if a child doing well at that age, it can be tired on long journeys. Wait a while before you get rid of!

Strollers 3 in 1 or 2 in 1 from birth to 3 years in theory

The combined strollers, 3 in 1 or 2 in 1, can transport a child from birth to 3 years on average (15 kilos).

The nacelle form a cozy little bed for babies from birth up to 6 months.
From 3 months to about 9 months, you can use the hull that allows to put the baby in a semi-sitting position.
From 6 months to 3 years, you can install on the hammock frame in which the baby is sitting.
There are also first used strollers age from birth until 3 years of the child. They are adjustable up to 180 degrees and thus help extend completely baby.

Stroller 2nd age from 5 months to 3 years in theory

From stroller age 5 months, one can use a stroller, lighter and more compact, so it has a reclining backrest. “In position back between 30 and 60 °, there is no problem to carry a baby for five months,” says Dr Edwige Antier, a pediatrician in Paris. A stroller can carry a child up to the age of 3 or 4 years. Provided, however, it is in the standards in terms of weight. “Always make sure the stroller is guaranteed to support the weight of your child and is in good condition if there is an opportunity,” warns Dr. Antier. And whatever her age, well tie your child to avoid accidents! If you have two small children, you can fix a walk behind the stroller for your eldest (e), the pediatrician recommends. “From 18 months, a child loves walking behind the stroller. He’s the king of the walk.”

Stroller: no age limit to stop!

One can read here and there that children should be in a stroller at the entrance to kindergarten, that stopping the use of a stroller is important to empower them … So, is there a age limit to the stroller? “No, you can put a child in her stroller for very long, even up to 5 years”, replies Dr Edwige Antier. “Strollers are valuable for long walks Just go to Disneyland to see that children enjoy.” Said the pediatrician who insists that it is not a question of autonomy: “A child may please rest, tired walk, but prefer to walk for a short ride. We must be attentive to their needs. ” In addition, Its is helpful for parents when a child is very restless or regular loose hand on the street. We sometimes need 15 minutes (or more) during which you can not watch her toddler. Wait to be sure (e) that your child no longer has any need of before you get rid of, or you may regret it bitterly!

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