The Tips of nutrition
Nutrition tips to remove after the holidays

The Tips of nutrition

After the year-end feast, here are some nutrition tips that will help us eliminate and lighten more easily.

During the Christmas and holiday season, our stomach sees all colors. And if we applied these 5 post Christmas detox reflexes?

Our body is a highly sophisticated plant. It ingests makes sorting, recycling, eliminating waste through the skin, lungs, liver, kidneys and intestines. Except that sometimes, because of too rich diet, waste is not dirty and we all evacuated. Result: non-stop tired! Or power is our primary source of toxins: protein recycling product of urea and uric acid, assimilation of sugars gives rise to lactic acid, and fats, they, produce waste called body Ketone.

A small cleaning is therefore required from time to time. To carry out this great drainage, need to eat less. It’s just better food choices.

First, by reducing the volume of those likely to bring additional toxins: exit therefore ready meals, and consuming organic foods preferably to avoid chemical residues.It Is also selected foods providing vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Finally, the two essential keys  of the best nutrition to detox: water (drinking or contained in foods) and fibers, as both accelerate the elimination functions. Then it’s all about choice: an intense cure of 24 hours when one opts primarily for beverages associated with draining plants (rosemary, mint, meadowsweet Queen …) or a little detox every day with informed choices.

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