The travel bed for your baby
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The travel bed for your baby

Umbrella bed, bassinets, cradles … Means for sleeping baby mop abound. Point to choose the safest sleeping solution best suited to your situation.

Holidays, weekends or terminal with a baby, no way to leave without bed! Fortunately there are the more practical material to carry a cradle.

The umbrella bed

Travel cot Easy to move (light), climbing (they unfold like an umbrella) and store (delivered with their carry case), they are ideal for families on vacation. To choose a model that ensures the safety of baby (birth to 3 years), check:

Compliance with standards XP S 54-081 1999. A draft European standard is expected (PR EN 716. 3);

Ease of operation: just try it yourself store;

Bed stability: it is based on at least 5 feet;

The security system (prevents the bed to close in on itself unintentionally) should be safe and not be manipulated by the child;

The canvas walls: strong enough, even washing and sufficiently tight, it prevents the baby to stay there;

The mattress comfortable, it corresponds to the exact dimensions of the bed and is set mostly in height;

Model: it must be adapted to the age and weight of the child. These cots are also available in baskets to secure the newborn to the maximum (up to 9 months).

Remain embedded options that differentiate umbrella beds ranges: changing table, music box, mattress vibration system for baby to sleep, nightlight, Ark cloth toys, fly, side opening …

Other solutions nomadic sleeping baby

To reserve for weekends or partying, here are other extra coating solutions:

Featherweight: for children (birth to 9 months), there are ultra-light mobile cradles that, when folded, fit in a handbag. And yet they are equipped with a mattress and even a mosquito net! For larger, brands have imagined real small igloos which constitute both a coating solution, a rest area, game and a sunshade. They fold easily and weigh almost nothing;

The bed diaper bag: closed, it serves to store the baby’s things unfolded, it becomes a comfortable bassinet (up to 9kg);

The pods: the car seat group 0 allow the infant to sleep. It is a solution that parents can consider punctually;

Removable safety barriers: equipped with a flexible safety net, they attach directly to a standard bed between the mattress and box spring. From 3 years.

For serene nights away from home, do not forget to bring something to recreate the cocoon baby: his blanket; bed tower; his sleep‘s bag and his pilot.

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