The truth about the Power Plate
The truth about the Power Plate

The truth about the Power Plate

The Power Plate would  be the new machine fitness miracle of the new millennium? Acclaimed by some and criticized by others, it is becoming increasingly popular.

The contractions that  power Plate causes have positive consequences on our muscle mass and our silhouette. Many doctors have even decided to integrate it into their rehabilitation programs. So, it’s muscles vibrate?

It offers strength training by vibration and acceleration. Contractions caused by the machine will optimize muscle reflex and thus “forcing” the muscle to grow. So according to the posture that we take on the vibrating plate, it is possible to work the muscles of the buttocks, thighs, calves, arms … all without suffering!

And yes, because with the Power Plate machine is working. One just has to take a stance and keep for 30 to 45 seconds or less. A perfect invention for all those who totally sports fans who will be able to build muscles without effort.

The health benefits

But can we say that we practice physical activity when we do a session of Power Plate for 30 minutes? For Dr Philippe Blanchemaison, “we are faced with a physical activity that has all the aspects. I tested it  to see if it improved blood circulation and I noticed a visible benefit. ” For the cardiologist Hervé Douard, increasing the heart rate of a session shows cardiovascular benefits.

With this fitness machine, muscle strength but also improve its silhouette and combat one of the worst enemies of women so we will be able to develop: cellulite. The machine is particularly effective to reduce levels of water retention. To get results, only the regular premium, three 30-minute sessions per week seems a good pace.

The Power Plate a welfare machine

But, it  is also and above all a wellness apparatus. Far from seeking a bodybuilding musculature, women today prefer light fitness. This is why the “fitness will increasingly towards the concept of wellness, wellness” as emphasized Vandenhoeck Koen. The feeling of relaxation is quickly felt and it was satisfying to work his body without suffering.

Misconceptions about the Power Plate

This workout machine seems to have all the qualities required for those who wish to build muscles, gently, without having to do too much intense exercise. Yet many misconceptions circulating about him.

Since its launch, the company commissioned a thirty scientific studies to prove the benefits of this miracle machine. And many doctors have even built their rehabilitation protocols.

It must also comply with the instructions of use and do not exceed 45 seconds per posture. But as explained Dr. Michel Cabrol, rehabilitation physician, “There is no problem if we do one session per day. You just follow the rules of time and posture. ” The Power Plate therefore imposes some rules of conduct like any sport. The advice of a doctor is thus necessary before embarking on using it properly.

And if you use your Power Plate in your beauty salon? If there is a serious place, it will make you first complete a questionnaire about your potential health problems. Anyhow, the machines installed in institutes are not the same as those that you find in the Power Plate centers. These have aesthetic techniques and others favor physical effort.

The cons-indications to the Power Plate

So, what really are the contra-indications to the use of the Power Plate?

During pregnancy, no drive acceleration. After the birth of the child, it is the quality of the perineum matters to resume activity. If released, it must undertake rehabilitation before considering the Power Plate. There indeed may urine leakage if tones the abs while the perineum is not ready.

As for possible migraine triggers due to vibration, “no study proves nor contradicted.” But one thing is clear, as stressed Dr. Cabrol, “When you are in crisis, we did not want to do a session by this miracle machine  or any other sport.”

For precautionary Dr. Douard, cardiologist, discourages individuals with a stent, this little “spring” for keeping the coronary artery, using the machine within six months after implantation.

It is also sometimes said that it  may worsen poor circulation, for people with vein problems. Dr. Blanchemaison, phlebologist, ensures that not: “You have to work the deep muscles and there will be no risk of deterioration. By cons, in case of phlebitis, the use is not recommended, but there is no more advisable to do physical activity. ”

Contrary to what you can hear, studies have shown that the Power Plate was not responsible new ailments. This is an exercise that stimulates the muscles and helps to reshape the silhouette, but it does not replace a sport. This is a very good addition to the sport and can be considered as a starter by those who want to put it gently.

The advantage of a Power Plate session is also based on the box and the support by a coach. This professional takes us, stimulates us and watch our progression. Everything we needed to get back to sport!

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