The types of regime
Differentiated regime

The types of regime

By differentiating  regime one by one , it will give us a wide view about the right regime that is  suitable  for each one.So,i try  to differentiate between antoine, shelton,  and montignac regimes .

Antoine regime

Principle: Antoine regime aims to rapid saturation of appetite for the exclusive use of a single type of food every day (Monday: Fish on Tuesday: vegetables Wednesday: dairy Thursday: fruit Friday: eggs, Saturday: meat, etc.) for a week. The food balance is achieved in seven days instead of one. The plan is by treatment of one week every month or every three weeks.
Critique: This treatment is often associated with fatigue and digestive and psychological disorders. The risk of deficiencies exist. Weight regain after diet is common.

The Shelton regime

Principle: Shelton diet meets a food classification invented by the author distinguishes eg acidic fruit group, the melons, etc. Some combinations are prohibited during the same food acids – starch, acid – proteins, sugars – starch, fats – sugar – protein … Milk should always be taken alone, the fruit also. Some meals are fully protein, others provide only fruit or starch.

Critique: This method is not recommended because it can cause deficiencies. Furthermore, this scheme is too complicated to be actually implemented. It can be applied only in a very simplified manner, which amounts to a classic low-calorie diet.

The Montignac diet

Principle: Today, the montignac diet has evolved to include the concept of the glycemic index (GI), which measures the absorption more or less fast food sugars by the body. There are two possible types of meals, based on the types of associations between  burn fat and sugars:
– The lipid-protein meal can contain fat. In this case only very low GI carbohydrates can be consumed (pulses, vegetables, fruits). For example we can eat cheese, without bread;
– The protein of  carbohydrate meals without saturated or GI carbohydrates fat should not exceed 50.

Critical: Little risk of deficiency because they can eat almost everything. It helps not to deprive yourself. He also very popular among men because it is not necessary to prepare special dishes. It is quite effective provided it is pursued in the long term: a return to traditional eating habits often leads to weight regain.

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