The workout program of Tiger Woods
The workout program of Tiger Woods

The workout program of Tiger Woods


Tiger Woods is certainly now the one of the international press but this is the last time neither of his record in golf .  Would this be  your workout program?

He performs a workout program far more impressive than we can imagine. It is in any case what Tiger Woods says the American magazine “Fitness Magazine”. He organizes his workout program always according to his family, even if it is presented in a different light in the press. There is a daily schedule that is far from simple when you train like Tiger Woods up to three hours a day six days a week.

For a better understanding we will look at the Tiger Woods’s  workout program that is of course at the root of his success at the international level: it is the greatest player in the history of golf. Kleith Kleven, fitness coach of the golf star reveals that Tiger has gained 15 kg in muscle mass since its inception in 1996 as a professional player.

Tiger Woods worked hard with his coach and it emphasizes that the athlete has incredible strength training exercises. Endure suffering for Tiger Woods is obvious. He mastered this ability much better than some other sports Keith Kleven has already managed.

Tiger Woods of the workout program begins with 40 minutes of stretching exercises followed by bust. Then he made a run of 10 km, 7 km and 3 km endurance speed. Tiger Woods says he has never injured gym and did not need the physical activity for his ego.

He added that he does not even know what it is like an injury following a workout by lifting weights. “Some exercises are bad but this was never a pain that forced me to interrupt a series on a fitness device” tells the best golfer in the world.

Tiger Woods watch gym iron discipline but it is always to listen to his body. Sometimes you have to motivate yourself: one that entails not for ego reasons but simply to be better then it will not hurt. The body decides and gives the signal when the effort is enough. One that goes beyond its limits goes against injury. It’s not just the golfer who is convinced.

In gym, Tiger Woods trains with light weights and accumulate a lot of quick runs. Keith Kleven, his fitness coach says Tiger Woods is outside the norm when it comes to lifting weights. The fitness coach finds that Tiger Woods may lead to longer intervals and with more weight than any other golfer.

Therefore through its physical, Tiger Woods surpasses all other professional golfers. Keith Kleven not only favors power, it also focuses on balance and posture in the workout program of Tiger Woods. stabilization exercises are important for golfers. Balance, posture and determination are essential assets for the practice of golf.

Here are some secrets of the life of  the workout program of Tiger Woods,  but is it enough for you to play golf like Tiger? To you to try!

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