Tips about handling sensitive skin
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Tips about handling sensitive skin

Rich or light texture? With or without fragrance? Formulated with essential oils or as neutral as possible? Here are some tips to help sensitive skin to choose their daily cream.

If you’re one of 69% women and 44% men concerned with sensitive skin * and that you are often helpless when choosing a cream you expect it effectively relieves your irritated skin – or at unless hydrate daily without irritating – read on. Laurent Misery, professor of dermatology and chief of the Dermatology Department of the University Hospital of Brest ( behind this epidemiological investigation of 1000 French and whose results were published in 2006) guide and made you fall conventional wisdom.

“For sensitive skin / reactive / intolerant / allergic“: which words should wear my cream?

Cream sensitive skin “Sensitive, reactive and intolerant are equivalent terms, rassureLaurent Misery. But this is very different from allergic skin because the mechanism is not immunological. Sensitive skin is defined as the occurrence of skin sensation abnormal (tingling, burning, itching, pain, tightness, etc …) and / or redness in response to factors that are not pathogens themselves (water, cosmetics, wind, cold, heat, air conditioning , stress, etc …) “. You can choose either any high-tolerance cream for sensitive skin, reactive, hyper-reactive and intolerant as your skin intolerance problem is not the responsibility of allergy (eczema or urticaria by example require a dermatological response).

What textures and formulas favored?

We often think – incorrectly – that a sensitive skin better tolerate rich textures such as shea butter rather than fine textures and light, or formulas based soothing essential oils and other references “enriched with chamomile extracts pure “. Yet, according to Laurent Misery, “it is not a texture problem. However, it is better to avoid products that contain irritants, surfactants or preservatives.” Ditto for scented products that are best avoided, as are essential oils, silicones, urea or assets generally in products fighting against skin aging (fruit acids, vitamin A, retinol) which may cause irritation. To sum up, just remember that the least “risky” product remains the one that has the least amount of ingredients. But in crisis, anti-redness formulas are preferable because they soothe the sensation of heat.

Remember to focus on day creams with a sun protection factor. Finally, skin hypersensitivity is not the prerogative of dry, remember that there are formulas designed for acne-prone or combination skin and sensitive for example.

Pharmacy or retail?

Misconceptions are rife about the alleged poor quality of hypermarket care products against those more expensive, drugstore or perfumery. Yet, according to Laurent Misery, “if the products sold in pharmacies in general are better evaluated for tolerance, there are also very good products in supermarkets.” Once you have found the right, be faithful ahead. Your skin will thank you.

Can I use the cream of her baby?

Many young moms with sensitive skin are tempted to go digging on the side of baby creams, simply because they think that if they are developed for the delicate skin of newborns, it can not hurt to their. But Laurent Misery doubt the virtues of the approach: “why not, but they are not specifically designed for this since the hypersensitivity increases in frequency with age and is exceptional in children.”

What about organic creams?

Like the baby products, many consumers are convinced that “organic” necessarily means “hypoallergenic”, which is of course false. An intolerant skin can react very unfavorably to the application of a cream stamped “Ecocert” or “BIO”. Laurent Misery what actually summarizes as follows: “The organic products are not interesting for health but for the preservation of the environment”

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