Tips to avoid weight gain during Ramadan
Tips to avoid weight gain during Ramadan

Tips to avoid weight gain during Ramadan


Health  magazine offered in this article are some tips that will help you avoid weight gain during Ramadan to keep up and you trim your attractiveness.


To enjoy the body limber and free of fat stored Make sure you should be doing to eat large quantities of water per day between half-board breakfast and timings to the ability of the water to burn fat and lose weight safely, Water has the ability to reinforcement of the feeling of satiety and fragmentation of stored fat down the skin.

Vegetables and fruit

A large amounts of fruits and vegetables between  meals and  Suhoor are contained  large amounts of nutrients that the body needs in a period of fasting, also help to get rid of the fat stored in the body.


Stay away from foods that contain a large percentage of sugar intake in order to impact on the health of the body and thicken, and you can replace these foods with fruit they contain natural sugar easy to burn.

The amount of food

Of course the body needs greater than the food in the month of Ramadan  to avoid feeling hungry during the fasting period, but it is necessary to maintain the eating appropriate food intake for weight reduction  but without feeling hungry, choice of a variety of different foods and quantities suitable may protect from weight gain and enhances the burning of body fat .


Sleeping has  great importance in getting rid of excess weight as it helps to sleep on the accelerator of the fat-burning process, and as a result of the difficulty of regulation time in the month of Ramadan difficult for us to get a comfortable sleep, so make sure to organize your time and nationalist to take a comfortable sleep a day.


It is necessary to exercise to maintain a healthy body and weight, especially in the month of Ramadan to ease  weight gain  during this month as a result of unhealthy eating habits while eating my meal timings breakfast, so national to take some exercise every day in the month of Ramadan to maintain your health and your weight away from the acquire new calories.

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