Top 5 Anti-aging Vitamins
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Top 5 Anti-aging Vitamins

There is no secret powders to treat or prevent wrinkles arise, but there are some anti-aging vitamins that will help you in this battle.

All the powders that you use all time have a set of damages on your health. That’s why, It is advisable to stop doing these powders from now on, and looking after your skin through using  natural anti-aging vitamins.

You can get these anti-aging vitamins  that work as  a natural anti-oxidant from the food you eat. Here are the best anti-aging vitamins:

Vitamin C:  

Citrus fruits




Aesthetic benefits:

Vitamin C is regard as the most powerful antioxidants and it is easy to find it, which can be  found in a lot of vegetables and fruits, and it is wonderful to be protected from diseases .Also, Vitamin C  is an essential element for the absorption of iron.

Vitamin B3:

Nutritional yeast

Rice bran

Dried tomatoes

Aesthetic benefits:

A large number of vitamins B  from 1-12 is  difficult to obtain in the normal food, but vitamin  B3 is the most important when it comes to beauty. Vitamin B3 affects  on how to gain your body energy and fat.Although, It gives your hair strength and maintains the skin’s moisture and strengthens nails.

Vitamin K:

Kale, cabbage, spinach (gives energy)



Herbs (dried and fresh)

Aesthetic benefits:

It helps reduce dark circles under the eyes , the crumbling of blood , and also helps maintain bone strength.

Vitamin A:

Red pepper

Chili powder

Sweet potato



Get Alina Skin Care Vitamin C Serum From Amazon which is really helpful and it is recommended by most people.

Aesthetic benefits:

It plays a major role in maintaining the skin thereby reducing skin wrinkles ,acne , and stretch marks.

Vitamin J:

Sweet potato

Vegetable oil

Nuts and seeds (almonds, coconut, flax seeds, sunflower seeds)

Leafy greens (lettuce and spinach)

Aesthetic benefits:

It protects the skin and protects against UV radiation from the inside to the outside. If you feel the dryness of the skin or did not drink enough water, know that you have a lack of vitamin J ,which it is good for the heart and keeps the cholesterol in the blood.

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