Type of push-ups
Tips For Safe Muscle Building Workout

Type of push-ups

Push-ups is  considered as  a perfect way to increase strength and endurance as it combines all kinds of other exercises. Therefore, it have became a key element in a lot of programs for fitness.

The benefits of push-ups:

Strengthen the various types of muscles in your body at once.

You have to focus on one muscle, such as chest muscles ,muscles of the shoulders, arms and back muscles ,upper and lower abdominal muscles.

Here are the safest ways to do workout routines :

Reduce the proportion of strained tendons.

It helps you to activate circulation.

It help to lose weight and get rid of grease and fat.

Types of push-ups:

Pressure with open arms:  This exercise works to strengthen the muscles of the shoulders and chest, by lying down on the abdomen and then individual arms, then we can lift the body from the ground with the installation of the fingers and then descend back to the ground until it touches the chest the ground.

Handstand:  This exercise is depending on balance which is a classic workout  that strengthens the muscles of  shoulders and arms. You have to  stand  on the hands and  your  head  remains at the ,then begin to climb and descend with keeping mind that is necessary to touch  your  head to the ground until reaching the feeling of pumping blood to the head.

The  position of the triangle:   this type of push-up is within  the most imperative  exercises that  strengthens  the triceps muscle .This exercise is about lying down on the chest , and approach the hands ,  feet spacing and go down quietly to the bottom of the climb.

We can reach in push-ups to a large number up to 100 through certain points  that can be summed up the exercise of the following points for two consecutive weeks and then take a break for two days and start again later.


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