Vegetables guide for your children
Vegetables: 5 tips to make eating vegetables to children

Vegetables guide for your children

They grimace before the stuffed tomatoes and vegetables are striking before they be affected? Our tips to transform our children into little gourmets.

Not always easy to eat vegetables for our children. Especially towards 3-6 years: at that age, they refuse to office all they do not know. But this is not a reason for not eating their vegetables. To get them to become familiar with a range of flavors and especially with vegetables, we must at least make them taste. Come on, is encouraged with a smile and some tips …

It camouflages the dishes

To eat vegetables to children, it does not hesitate to take the high road, even a little fool. For example: is added to mashed potatoes a small dose of mashed celeriac or turnip. Once this step, one passes gently celery 1/3 and 2/3 of potatoes. Other camouflage trick: give vegetables the look of his favorite dishes, Jerusalem artichoke chips or beet chips for example. To make them eat vegetables, you can also dress up the soup and smoothie mix fruits and vegetables: orange, carrot and pumpkin for example.

It disguises the flavors

Children have a natural attraction to the sweet, and if we listened they would meal sweets. For us to reorient the taste of food to make them enjoy the salty, sour or bitter certain vegetables. To awaken their taste buds, do not hesitate to play with the spices: curry, nutmeg, oregano, basil … these sweet spices can enhance the flavor of certain dishes based on vegetables, such as purees. They also attract the gustatory curiosity of children.

On making substance over form

To make appetizing vegetables in the eyes of children, it is important to also work on their form: a savory vegetable pie in a mold in the shape of heart, a colorful dish (to 3 purees land of broken-Apple Carrot-pois) a plate decorated with a snowman head (hair standing on punk green beans, eyebrows salmon slices, cucumber slices for eyes, nose tomato cherry, mushroom ears). We can also transform the vegetables faux cakes: minicakes goat-zucchini, carrot muffins dry cinnamon-raisin. Another idea to give more charm to the vegetable protein: Add bacon, croutons or cheese of icebergs.

It revisits junk food

Our children swear by the burgers, pizza and other hot dogs? Rather than demonizing them junk food, it is rebalancing. And when you prepare a hamburger, it is refined: a full round or bun with sesame, cheese other than cheddar, slices of tomato sprinkled with tarragon or arugula. It will have the fragrance of her favorite junk food and many more! Similarly, the pizza, according to what we put in it, may be open to other flavors than traditional chorizo ​​or bacon: seafood or vegetables that abound in cheese. And for a hot dog tastier than the fries shack? Rather the focus is on Toulouse sausage without fat, with accompaniment vegetables, eggplant caviar and a few vegetables for example.

It makes our children true leaders

Prepare the meal and especially the vegetables with our children (not just the cakes) is a good way to get to know what they do not like. Shell the eggs, chop the parsley, stir, knead, slosh side can give a little “magic potion”. Enough to drop their last resistance for vegetables. To make them eat beets, it prepares them soup with red onions beet. For spinach, they help us to fry fresh fallen spinach in the pan: this big leafy volume collapses while cooking is fun to watch.

Some good places to make them love and eat vegetables at a young age:

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