Vegetarian diet helps to lose weight
Lose weight healthily with the vegetarian diet

Vegetarian diet helps to lose weight

The vegetarian diet consists of fruits, vegetables, grains, seeds and various nuts, specific products such as tofu, seitan and Quorn, and some animal products like milk, cheese and eggs.

Generally, proponents of vegetarianism attach great importance to the quality and provenance of their food (organic, fair trade …), as well as their preparation.

To be balanced, a vegetarian diet should ensure combine its various components optimally to ensure an intake of all essential amino acids and therefore a sufficient protein intake, not only in quantity but also in quality.

In addition, to meet the basic needs in protein, it is important to consume enough calories. Otherwise, your body will use protein as an energy source without reserve sufficient for growth and tissue maintenance.

Here are three associations ideal:

Eggs + legumes (lentils, chickpeas, kidney beans, peas …)
Legumes + food grains and whole grains (rice, corn, whole wheat bread, integral pasta, quinoa, buckwheat, wheat, barley, oats …)
Dairy Foods + seeds (sunflower, sesame, flax, pumpkin, poppy …)
The tofu-based vegetarian food, seitan and Quorn, for example, are rich in quality protein and good meat substitute in many traditional recipes. Algae are another excellent source of protein. In addition, these specific products are becoming more readily available in commerce.

For vitamins, do not forget the fruits and vegetables. Finally, a little vegetable fat (margarine spoon, an olive oil, sunflower …) is required each day to meet your needs essential lipids.

So the vegetarian diet requires some dietary knowledge base and a bit of curiosity and culinary inventiveness. Once these barriers crossed, this diet you will likely lose weight without having hungry and without depriving yourself of the pleasure of eating. Keep still in mind that the vegetarian recipes not take a lot of time to prepare and that if you are alone to practice this diet in your environment, it may cause you some social difficulties …

Finally, note that at present, more and more people are choosing vegetarianism “for life”. Generally, this type of diet helps prevent overweight and the health problems associated with it. Obviously, all vegetarian dishes are not diet … If you opt for vegetarianism to lose weight, do not force pastas, quiches and other gratins!

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