Vegetarian diet
Vegetarian :what is vegetarian diet ?

Vegetarian diet

No need to adopt vegetarianism as a philosophy of life to eat vegetarian dishes. These can be a pleasant and healthy alternative from time to time.

Many people who want to lose weight temporarily adopt this kind of diet. The advantage of the “vegetarian diet” is that many foods can be eaten “at will”, which helps prevent cravings and usually associated with dieting frustrations.

Obviously the meat should not be replaced by an orgy of dairy fats and starches (read: our tips for a light vegetarian cuisine). The high consumption of fibers including favors intestinal transit, and may have beneficial effects on cholesterol and blood pressure. However, note that the slimming effects of a temporary vegetarian diet are often cleared rapidly upon resuming a normal diet. For the loss of kilos to be sustainable, we must adopt a balanced vegetarian diet “for life” …

Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, seeds and nuts … the key to a healthy, balanced vegetarian diet is diversity. Any deficiencies in protein induced by the exclusion of meat, poultry and fish, are preventable, provided one uses alternative sources of protein (dairy, eggs, pulses, whole grains …) and that the there is a minimum of nutrition knowledge. For example, link a whole grain (wheat, barley, rice, millet, quinoa …) and legumes (lentils, chickpeas, kidney beans, peas …) in the same food preparation in student quality protein at a level comparable to that of meat. Such associations are all the more interesting from a nutritional point of view, when eggs and dairy products are excluded from the diet. Alternatively, whole grains and pulses should serve accompanying regularly.

Some culinary traditions leave ample room for preparations without meat or fish: in the case of Indian cuisine in particular. Italian cuisine offers many opportunities in this area, but we must ensure that nutrient intake (white pasta have little nutritional value), and avoid over-consumption of saturated fat (fat cheese). To compose their menus daily, many vegetarians simply adapt recipes traditional local cuisine, replacing meat or fish with tofu.

Vegetarian cuisine and gastronomy

Eat without meat or fish does not exclude to eat well. Instead, vegetarian cuisine offers a multitude of refined pleasures of the table and dishes that can be called “gourmet”, provided one kind of conventional patterns that many of us are used to.

The composition of various vegetarian menus, balanced and tasty often requires the acquisition of new knowledge and new reflexes and a bit of curiosity and inventiveness. Furthermore, we must explore and learn the use of some unknown ingredients such as tofu and other soy derivatives, the Quorn, millet, quinoa, Quorn, nuts of all kinds, sesame seeds, flax ..

The aromatic herbs and spices play a fundamental role in vegetarian cuisine. Finally, there is still much to invent and explore, in the choice of accompanying wines, for example. In this area, the traditional French gastronomy, where the meat or fish adorns the center of the plate and determines the selection of wines, still sets the tone.

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