Vitiligo can be treated by vitamin D
Vitiligo: Vitamin D may help treat vitiligo

Vitiligo can be treated by vitamin D

Vitiligo is an autoimmune disease of the skin characterized by depigmentation which extends over the skin.

It is often associated with other autoimmune diseases such as Hashimoto’s thyroiditis or Type 1 diabetes Given the strong link between vitamin D and the prevalence of many autoimmune diseases, Egyptians researchers wanted to compare the vitamin D levels in patients with vitiligo to that of healthy people.

So they recruited 40 patients and 40 healthy people with the same Particular features (same age, same gender, same dwelling place, similar eating habits, even skin phototype) in which they measured the vitamin D levels in the blood. Result: 40 patients, 39 had a significant vitamin D deficiency (below 20 ng / mL) against only 5 in the healthy group.

The researchers therefore conclude simply that people with vitiligo lack of vitamin D and that supplementation should be considered in these individuals. A causal link between vitamin D deficiency and the onset of the disease is not clear, and the researchers did not indicate whether they interviewed people about their leisure habits: indeed a disease like Vitiligo can be difficult to live and get those affected out less often from home so to expose themselves to the sun less often, thus explaining this massive deficit.

Nevertheless the benefit of vitamin D supplementation seems important because one of the therapies used in this disease is the repigmentattion by UVB irradiation and Italian researchers have demonstrated that the use of a derivative of vitamin D applied to the skin before UV sessions improve outcomes.

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