Weight loss plan
weight loss plan for getting rid of fats

Weight loss plan

There is many ways for weight loss , but not gaining  weight .Weight loss  is physical activity that associated with a balanced diet. What are the recommended sports  for weight loss without gaining any weight.

He makes sport for weight loss?

No, the sport by itself does not result weight loss.

In contrast, regular physical activity is an essential ally to lose weight or to carve a beautiful silhouette.

Playing sports promotes energy expenditure, while production of muscle mass improves tone the body, favors a firm and slender silhouette.

But if spending is also good for morale, diverting, for example, some of us from snacking between meals, not to mention the regulatory effect on appetite.

In the end, the sport is ideal for refining the silhouette and / or as part of a weight loss program.

The question is what are the sports to practice according to the objectives and how.

What physical activities to refine its shape?


This is the easiest activity to practice and requires only a good pair of sneakers! In addition to the thighs, running firms and shapely buttocks. Know an interesting alternative to running is rollerblading!

Our advices :

Get yourself a good pair of shoes.

Start very gradually, without forcing, and setting reasonable goals.

Spread your sessions: better to run 30 minutes every day or every two days, 2 hours once every 15 days.

Never neglect the warm-up session and perform stretching exercises for the race.

Remember to drink before and after the race.

Do not eat too much before going running.

Ideally, run together (e) because the running application motivation, monitoring and gain advice and other riders.

To get you started, set your goals in terms of weight loss and establish your training program: http://www.jiwok.com/entrainement.

To dose your efforts safely, simply take your pulse or let yourself be guided by your breath (you must be able to discuss during your race). Wearing a heart rate monitor meter will be a plus for those who want to rev up after a good start.

Equip yourself a pedometer, counting your steps, allows you to enjoy your progress.


Outdoors or indoors, cycling is a very complete sport. While the legs are heavily used, but the buttocks and abs also work great, while the upper body is also applied (back, arms, shoulders).

Our advices :

Determine in advance your training program.

Join a club to make the bike more, otherwise make your bike sessions with family, children or grandchildren, or even better, a couple!

Swimming, water aerobics, aquabiking

The water liberates the body of the forces of gravity, while the movements achieved in the water have a massaging effect on the entire body. Ideal to sculpt the legs, but also to strengthen the upper body and develop a slender figure.

For those who do not like the monotony of pool lengths, water aerobics is a very dynamic and more effective alternative.

As for aquabiking (which involves pedaling in water), the draining effect is excellent against cellulite and orange peel. But the abdominals are also heavily loaded with a flat stomach effect guaranteed!

Our advice:

To develop a harmonious silhouette, do not use excessive force on the arms, the risk of developing your shoulders too.


Whatever the type and pace (jazz, African dance, salsa …), dancing works the legs and arms, abs and buttocks. At stake, refined legs, firm buttocks, flat stomach and toned arms. Dancing is also a particularly beneficial activity for morale and cardiorespiratory fitness.

Our advice:

Yoga, pilates

Like yoga, pilates helps improve flexibility and to eliminate tensions. The sequences of postures and work on breathing firm the midsection, with the key to a flat stomach. The back and shoulders are also highly stressed.

Our advice:

Ask about qualifications and run the word of mouth before registering for a course. Make one or two trial classes.

The walk

Walking, accessible to all and at any age, is a wholly physical activity, whose profits depend on the regularity and speed, that can be increased gradually as and measuring progress made. At stake, a more toned silhouette, regulation of appetite and high morale!

Our advices :

Equip yourself a pedometer to judge distances and progress.

Establish a training program and think ahead to your walks.

For motivation and perseverance, the ideal is to walk more: couple, between friends or between friends, between neighbors, and if not, sign up for a walking club.

Learn in your department to participate in marches and organized hikes.

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