What haircut for a round face?
What haircut for a round face?
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What haircut for a round face?


You have a round face? Each facial morphology match hairstyles to highlight the features and balancing your face. Discover all our tips for choosing your new haircut  without missteps .

Recognize a round face

Round face is characterized by a distance approximately equal the chin to the top of the front and from one side to the other at the cheekbones. It differs from square faces by its roundness and lack of sharp features in the jaw and forehead.

This form tends to be wider at the cheeks, with beautiful fleshy cheeks that give an angelic, childlike air. This face shape, which is naturally sweet and pleasant, easily accepts different haircuts.

The ideal cut for a round face

Round face The goal is to lengthen the face for no more than this, bringing more cuts magnitude on top of the head than on the sides are good choices. An asymmetrical cut or diagonally also creates an illusion of length. The ideal is to have long or medium length hair, always so as to lengthen the face. If you do not like long, you can choose a short cut if it offers a good volume. The large roots movements loosened up that give off the front also lend themselves incredibly well to round faces.

The round can support many things in all, the important thing is that there is volume, degraded … the movement in all!

Mystake to avoid

Forget flat hair which fall down the face, they increase the round and childlike.

We also forget the balls hairstyles, cuts to bowl short square above the jaw or parted in the middle: they absolutely not emphasize a round face.

To avoid above all: the right hair cut with a thick, horizontal fringe within search for “Baby Chinese” style.

Straight, curly, wavy: how to choose?

Curly hair are well suited to this kind of face because they help to frame the face with volume and movement thus mitigate roundness.

You can also wear straight or wavy hair, but always with a good dose volume.

Can we make a fringe with a round face?

Yes, but not horizontal. It is necessary that the fringe is curved or asymmetrical to avoid accentuating the width of the face.

In conclusion: what  haircut to choose for a round face?

People with round faces can go have fun, according to their tastes and desires. Face completely cleared or not, voluminous hairstyles or drawn … There are not forbidden, it’s like you want!

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