What is fricker regime
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What is fricker regime


With an extremely rich number of books on diets, Dr Fricker is a weight loss specialist. Discover the basic principles of his method”Fricker regime” against surplus kilos.

Each year, Dr. Fricker adds at least one book on diets bibliography and this for over 15 years *. Result: it has become the must ambassador of thinness.

Principle of  Fricker rigime 

Fricker regime In all his books, Dr. Fricker has an identical speech: good diet, we must monitor the contents of his plate without making an obsession, will spend more and try to maintain physical and mental health. his method can also be summarized in 3 steps.

First, the Fricker regime  that had been named by the author the regime “TGV”, is to take about 6 to 8 weeks depending on the weight to lose, and corresponds to a fairly strict diet to initiate losing weight.

Second, the regime of “stabilization”, proposes a gradual reintroduction of foods that were unsuitable in the TGV phase. The third, the “fit” system, is the new food hygiene to follow to be good about yourself and healthy.

The Fricker regime in practice

The first phase is TGV meat, fish, vegetables and dairy products, with a small amount of fat and fruit (in theory 1 day). Bread, starchy and sugary foods all are not recommended. This gives: at breakfast, 1 drink (tea, coffee or cocoa without sugar), 2-3 dairy products and fruit ( no juice, even “house”). You can replace every dairy product by 1 egg or 50 g white chicken or ham. At lunch and dinner, 1 optional input (raw vegetables or vegetable soup without fat), 1 hot dish or 1 salad with 200 grams of fish, 150 g of meat or 4 eggs and at least 200 g of vegetables including a spoon tablespoons oil (10 g).

If hunger is truly present, it is possible to take over a dairy or fruit for dessert. The second phase proposes to reintroduce starchy, with breakfast from 50 to 60 g of bread (2-3 slices of wholemeal bread, cereals, rye, sound …) or 40 g unsweetened cereal (4 5 tablespoons). We must reduce the other hand the share of dairy in the morning until 1 or 2 maximum. At one of the two main meals, we must also take a little starch (100 to 150 g cooked pasta, rice, semolina ….). A fruit per day is added. The third phase is modeled on the classic recommendations of a balanced diet, without forbidden (a bit of everything, without excess, according to its appetite and its activities, however, focusing on fruits, vegetables and lean meats ).

Effectiveness of the Fricker regime

The author expects an order of weight loss of 1 to 1.5 kilograms per week for women, and 1.5 to 2.5 kg per week for men. These data are reasonable and are actually those seen by them or those who followed this diet.

Advantages and disadvantages of Fricker regime

But what are the advantages and disadvantages of the Fricker regime?

Advantages: you can not blame Dr. Jacques Fricker seriousness of his words, rigor details and scientific accuracy: many writers today refer to it. The method is simple, effective, and some tips are distilled through the different books in an attempt to adapt this method in the life of every day depending on the individual (tastes, activities, lifestyle …).

Disadvantages: Although the first phase is encouraging, because it can initiate rapid weight loss, the TGV system that composes lasts a little too long. We must not lose sight that this is nothing short of a very low calorie diet with dietary restrictions. It is difficult to live, compelling and frustrating. The presence of a single fruit per day may also surprise, like the banning of starches, which can be difficult to conceive with an active lifestyle and can become a source of fatigue as an intellectual physics. In contrast, other phases, especially the latter, are more balanced. It is not, however, uncommon for people regrossir despite the implementation of this stabilization, because the method does not sufficiently take into account the psychological factors of food intake and prevents nutrition education by baseline dietary errors.

In conclusion, this scheme is for methodical people who do not have eating disorders. Please do not be tempted to continue too long the first phase!

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