What is hair tattoo trend?
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What is hair tattoo trend?

This is the new hair trend of the moment. The hair tattoo invades our social networks and sublime hair. Easy or not? How it works ?

Since the little sister of Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, it is put, the trend took Instagram assault. The hair tattoo is the latest it-hair accessory. Long golden braids or silver applied on our hair to sublimate.

How it works ? Nothing’s easier. The principle is the same as for temporary tattoos that card this summer. But apply it on hair requires some extra precautions to make it last.

– If you want to have beautiful tresses until the end of the day, you have to smooth her hair with an iron.

– Then gently remove the tattoo on the wick of his choice,

– Finally, it supports with a damp sponge lengthwise.

Be careful not to manipulate her frizzy hair to keep the tattoo in place. And for those who like to juggle hair styles, it is best to know enough to make a shampoo from the tattoo.

Where to find?

The scünci brand offers several patterns and colors on its website. Metal, gold, twisted or braided hair … The tattoos are available from $ 4.99

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