What is healthy diet?
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What is healthy diet?

You always wondering how you can manage a  perfect healthy diet   for your mind and  your body. I will provide with the main keys to achieve your healthy diet.

Starting point of  healthy diet:

A healthy diet is a balanced adaptation between the different nutrients: fats, carbohydrates and proteins, But it is also an adequate intake of vitamins and trace elements.It is also a harmonious distribution of food intake during the day. Finally, it is sufficient food in quantity, but not excessive.

In short, a healthy diet , it is a reasonable and varied diet.

The pace of meals

It is advisable to have 3 meals a day, and if possible a sample to 16-17 hours.

Breakfast should be taken in the morning, preferably taking his time. This means getting up early enough to have enough time before work.

It should preferably be no more than 4 hours between breakfast and lunch, but this greatly depends on the composition of breakfast. This prevents fatigue hits in the late morning.

This is more important as it sounds, because you will try to limit the amount of food taken in the evening. It allows to recharge in sugars before dinner.

The evening meal taken at 21 h maximum, it must be (unlike our habits) be fairly light, as energy costs will be low before bedtime.

The amount

In general, try eating breakfast a quarter of the food intake of the day. The English have a very good system, the breakfast, which as its name suggests “breaks” rapidly hunger. It serves primarily to load calorie immediately available during the day.

At lunch, you have to try avoid heavy foods, high fat, which result in reduced alertness during digestion.

The taste should be very light, with rapid sugars .

It is better that the evening meal is light. Indeed, the calories stored during the dinner will not be used because sleep and the body spends virtually nothing during this period. Result: they are stored as fat.

The healthy diet

There are 7 foods that provide families each more or less carbohydrates, lipids and proteins.

The group “Meat, fish, egg”: it contains animal protein, iron, vitamins, especially the B group Beware of fatty meat (mutton, lamb, parts of beef and pork), which often contain hidden fats. It is best to limit the meat to three times per week.

The group of “Milk and dairy products”: they bring the animal protein, calcium, vitamin A in the fatter, Vitamin B. They are rich in fat and should be eaten in moderation. You can eat every day, varying the types of dairy products. In children and women after menopause, they are very important because of their calcium intakes.

The group of “Grains and starchy”: it is slow carbohydrates (containing starch), vegetable protein, fiber that help to transit, and B vitamins can consume every day and all meals.

The “Fruits and vegetables” group: they contain minerals, vitamin C, vitamin K for green leafy vegetables, vegetable protein and fiber. One should eat at least 5 servings of fruits or vegetables per day, up to 10 in the ideal.

The group of “fats” (butter, margarine, oil): they contain lipids, vitamins A, D and E. Their consumption should be limited.

The group of “Sweet products”: these are sugars that taste sweet and deliver immediate energy. They should be avoided or consumed in a very limited diabetics; a healthy diet should comprise a small proportion.

The group of “Beverages”: the water contained in beverages (including alcohol) is the end of all liquid intake. Other drinks (wine, alcohol, soda …) bring in more water, sugars in large quantities. This is one of the important factors of obesity. So these are foods to eat very sparingly.


Healthy diet and good eating habits start in childhood, and  bad habits are even more difficult to correct and they are old family.So,prevention is in good eating habits, and this from childhood.



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