What is healthy food?
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What is healthy food?

The healthy food is the perfect solution to maintain human health, and to prevent injury to many diseases during the periods of his life.

The healthy food increases the immune system’s ability in humans, will prevent infection and viruses that attack the body, and then stimulate the work of the internal organs of the body naturally without exposure to the risk of stress. Also, the ability of tissue  renewal  on a regular basis, which contributes to the prevention of liver failure and heart attacks and kidney disease, and other diseases related to the vital organs in the body.

Dealing with foods as healthy or not may not require hard work from the person. You just have to identify foods that can give you the calories required for your body to continue its activities without feeling tired and fatigue. There are certain food groups that are recommended by nutritionists and  they would to give your body the daily needs of healthy food, and help you avoid many of the foods that may cause damage to your body over time.

The first of healthy food that one must maintain is starchy foods ,and despite of  the commonly held belief that these foods increases obesity, but they contain less than half the calories in fat, and starchy foods give the body a slow sugar that helps the person not feeling tired sudden, preferably starchy foods are a big part of daily meals as a source of  ability to give a feeling of fullness and give power without an increase.

The second  of healthy food is eating more fish rich in protein, vitamins and minerals, and try to be one or more of the weekly meals a salmon or tuna or mackerel in order to be contained Omega 3  which is very important for the health of the heart and blood vessels in order to prevent heart attacks and stroke and  brain .

The third of healthy food is fresh vegetables or a glass of fruit juice equals a full meal between meals. So, try to maintain the habit on a daily basis.

By mention the recommended healthy food, we need to talk a little bit about the foods that you should stay away from them .  People must stop eating  foods that contain high levels of fat as well as foods that contain salt dramatically, and try to reduce the salt as much as possible because the foods contain natural salts and the body needs more of them.


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