What is low calorie diet?
low calorie diet

What is low calorie diet?

Low calorie diet is a perfect diet to make lose your extra weights , and helping you to get fit.Here is a full information about this healthy diet.

Definition of low calorie diet

Low calorie diet consists  of reducing calorie intake:

– Reducing the quantity of food

– And limiting foods high in fat and adding fat.

Low calorie diet is  indicated: if overweight or obese (measured based on the calculation of BMI or body mass index)

Reduced energy restricted diet

Energy requirements are between 2000 to 2200 kilocalories (kcal) per day in men and from 1800 to 2000 kcal per day for women.

– A diet around 1500 kcal per day (reduction of 15-30% of caloric intake) is somewhat restrictive diet. It allows a gradual weight loss.

– A diet between 900 – 1200 to 1400 kcal diet is a “low calorie level” (reduction of at least 50% of energy needs). It allows a loss of weight faster but it is more difficult to follow.

– A diet very low calorie (800 kcal) is very difficult to follow and should not be prosecuted more than a few weeks.

The two main rules to lose weight is to combine calorie reduction with increased energy expenditure.

This is why it is highly recommended regular physical activity (at least 30 minutes per day) that facilitates weight loss and long term weight stabilization.

Advantages and disadvantages of low calorie diet


Low calorie diets easily adapt to everyone because of the diversity of foods allowed.

Their structure established with a dietician or nutritionist to keep within a balanced diet.


These are restrictive diets on a quantitative level which may expose the risk of deficiencies in prolonged regime. They can sometimes promote constipation.

Supplementation with dietary supplements (vitamins and minerals) is recommended if the diet is continued over a long period.

Taking food supplements rich in mucilage or in fruit fibers, combined with a mineral water rich in magnesium, promote intestinal transit.

What are the basics of a low calorie diet?

A wide variety of foods

A reduced calorie diet leaves the possibility to consume a variety of foods: vegetables, meat and / or fish and / or eggs with cooking methods without fat (MF); dairy products to 0% fat, cheese 30% fat; fruit, not sugar or sugary products.

Bread and cereals are allowed in moderation in diet around 1400 calories, and 2 c. tablespoons oil (olive / canola) per day.

Side drinks

ll need to drink 1.5 liters to 2 liters of beverages per day (water, tea, coffee, herbal teas) to facilitate the removal and drainage of the body.

– We must not consume soft drinks or alcoholic beverages providers of calories (1 gram of alcohol = 7 kcal).

What do you have to watch in the low calorie diet?

More low-calorie diet is severe, more weight loss is rapid. But the main risk is a weight rebound in the weeks following the end of the regime. We must therefore be wary of the low-calorie diet to 900 kcal to be followed under medical supervision and in a short time (not more than one month).

Under what circumstances should you consult an expert?

If a severe overweight, failure of previous regimes or associated disease (diabetes, hypertension ..)

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