What is paleo diet ?
Paleo diet:what is it ?

What is paleo diet ?

The “Paleo diet” also called regime of Stone Age or the Caveman diet is a form of low carb diet that excludes any product derived from or indirectly from agriculture.

The principle of the paleo diet is to eat as our distant Paleolithic ancestors, who lived by hunting, fishing and gathering of plants available in the wild (uncultivated). On the menu: meats, fish and seafood, fruits, nuts and vegetables (herbs, leaves, roots …). All these foods can be eaten raw or cooked.

The paleo diet excludes everything that can be associated directly or indirectly to agriculture, which does not exist at the Stone Age, especially grains, legumes, dairy products and potatoes, as well as salt and refined sugar and vegetable oils. By inference, this diet also excludes any product prepared by the food industry (preserves, biscuits and other dry products, prepared dishes, …) and junk food  (burgers, fries, chips …).

Its advocates argue that the cavemen did not suffer various diseases that plague us today nor a fortiori of overweight and obesity, due to their lifestyle and their diet. One thing is certain: the Stone Age, we would die more often devoured by a wild beast as diabetes or cardiovascular disease …!

Note that the Paleo diet can be classified as a diet low in carbohydrates or low carb diet, provided you do not abuse certain high glycemic index fruits like bananas, grapes or figs.

Combined with the best exercises, the paleo diet would lose weight and maintain the weight balance, while strengthening and developing its muscles. Relatively rich in fat, it would contribute to the healthy cells and particularly brain cells. An important place being given to fresh fruit and vegetables, it would ensure a more than adequate intake of vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Finally, the paleo diet boosterait intellectual and physical performance and even libido.

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