What is protein diet?
Protein diet

What is protein diet?

 Protein diet are very popular with athletes and people who want to lose weight. But these artificial products poor substitute natural diet rich in protein.

The egg white is the purest natural source of protein: it is an ideal diet food that can be used to prepare countless poor calorie recipes. Other excellent sources of protein are lean meats (veal, beef and horse), offal (kidney, liver, heart, tongue), poultry except ducks, degreased ham, eggs and lean dairy products (cottage cheese,  yogurt, milk), lean or fatty fish, shellfish and seafood. For vegetarians and vegans, tofu, seitan and vegetable alternatives quorn are excellent high-protein, low calorie density.

The major drawback of most of these natural foods is that it takes time to prepare (the dishes consumer loans are often too bold). In addition, they generally need to be kept cool and eaten fairly quickly. For some people, bag proteins may therefore be a more practical alternative: they are easy to carry and use anytime and anywhere, which is significant when you have a busy life and irregular hours. If the selected product is of good quality, the proteins in it will be also purer than natural proteins.

However, protein diet have a number of drawbacks. First, they are artificial food: eat powders, this obviously is not nice. The pleasure of eating is deleted. But be aware that food sensations such as taste, smell, texture or appearance of a food are fundamental both psychologically as a dietary point of view. Indeed, they are essential to trigger the feeling of satiety. The powders are ingested too quickly, which gives the impression of “eating empty.”

According to nutritionists, they can be the cause of reaction binges and a boomerang effect: the weight reduction comes back at a gallop … Only a moderate and occasional consumption can be useful, for example in the context of stabilizing weight loss (for example, the Dukan diet requires one day per week exclusively feed protein diet).

Know that all products sold commercially are not equivalent biological quality! Check with an expert before buying. In the United States in the 1970s, while protein diets were the first in the hit parade of diet methods, a series of dramatic events came to temper the enthusiasm for these products: the death of sixty people following the absorption of bad quality powders and excessively long periods of diet (sometimes six months or more).

Also note that due to the absence of fiber, protein diet can cause serious problems sometimes bothersome intestinal transit and bloating.

Finally, if you opt for a basic animal protein diet, do not forget to drink large quantities of water to offset dehydration of tissues and detoxify.

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